Here’s a great site,, that breaks down the number of HOPE scholars by State House and State Senate districts. You can sort and search by District, Legislator, County, Average SAT Score, # of HOPE Scholars, # of HOPE Scholars in hhlds with less than $140k, and # of HOPE Scholars in hhlds with more than $140k. Telephone numbers of the legislators are also listed.

So the next time a legislator says they voted “YES” on HB 326 because their constituents said so, you can arm yourself with hard numbers and then give them the side eye.

Sign up and become a Rapid Responder. I hear this is just the first of many issues The Brave 21 will tackle.


10 Responses to HOPE Scholarship Breakdown

  1. John says:

    You are absoultely right. Those kids whos parents earn $139K should get HOPE money. The magic number that should exclude kids is parent income of $140. It should have nothing to do with rewarding kids who work hard. It should be about the financial success or failures of their parents. Brilliant. Maybe somebody ought to go back and study a little history about why Rome fell. Something about the masses figuring out they could vote themselves entitlements. Of course it was a few years ago but my mommie and daddy did not pay off my student loans, I did.

    • Paula Shumate says:

      Can anyone tell me how I can find out the representatives that voted for/against HOPE?
      Party or District specific?

      • Paula Shumate says:

        Agree with your comment John.

        Possibly enforcing stricter guide lines to maintain the scholarship will weed out the candidates not taking their studies seriously. No slip ups or you lose it. Then we could use that extra money to further support the Pre-k program for the children who NEED it most.

  2. Baker says:

    Anyone in a hhld making more than $140K per year should not be getting the HOPE scholarship. That’s crazy. Lower income students are having their HOPEs taken by $140K folks? Come on. Also, anyone not understand the huge tuition increases at state universities now?

  3. EGaluszka says:

    I know the breakdown.

    Everything is going to shake now someday.

  4. David says:

    Like the site, but two questions on the SAT numbers:

    1.) Is this on a 2400 or 1600 point scale?
    2.) Why do all of the numbers end with 2 zeros? Why are the averages not more exact?

    • Bernita says:

      @ Stefan: yes that is the average SAT score by county

      @ David: 1) ask the Senate Dems. They were the source for the data. 2) refer to the answer for #1.

  5. Jen B. says:

    Excellent work!

  6. Stefan says:

    Wow. Wonderful site. Are those really the average SAT numbers? Dekalb is 800 overall or just the HOPE scholars?