Good morning!

Call the Governor!  This week a vote is likely (perhaps as soon as tomorrow) on legislation to change HOPE funding for education across Georgia.  The Senate Alternative plan deserves consideration.  Call Governor Deal and ask him to preserve HOPE for the FUTURE.

Check out last night’s Kudzu Vine.  State Senator Jason Carter filled us in on HOPE legislation.

I bet I’m the last to hear about the Sovereign Citizens movement.  Their activity is rising in metro Atlanta.

Where would you imagine would take you?  You’ll be surprised.

GOP Presidential hopefuls show up in Iowa.  More interesting is who isn’t showing up.

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9 Responses to Monday Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    Newt: I committed adultery ‘because I love this country’!

    Patriotism, the first and last feckless refuge of this scoundrel.

  2. JMPrince says:

    Ed, Never get married. Or have kids. That ‘stuff will happen on a daily if not hourly basis. If you want it safe? Lock it up or bury it well. And secretly. Deep. Dogs and other critters get curious too.

  3. innerredneckexposed says:

    WHo is Ed?

    Hope yall dudes are paying appropriate homage to the best revolutionary war hero today.

  4. griftdrift says:

    These sovereign citizen nuts pop up every now and then.

    A long time ago when I was a young sprout, fresh faced and just starting as a front line worker with the Department of Labor, one showed up at our office. Everyone but me refused to serve him. Mostly because he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

    He refused to check the box asking whether or not he was a citizen. Instead he had TYPED a fairly long screed just below the box on how he was a sovereign citizen of the State of Alabama and did not recognize the federal government.

    After much back and forth, I told him if he would just check the box, I would make sure an examiner addressed his concerns about the federal government. His other choice was to leave and not get the benefits.

    He fixed me with an icy stare, clenched jaw and slowly checked the box.

    Then he went on his way. Don’t know what happened to him after that.


    And Ed is a poopy head.

  5. innerredneckexposed says:

    OK so this may be a total tl;dr but whatever. Posted this to one of the forums i read. Posting it here because I am still fucking pissed.

    View Post
    So when I graduated a few years ago I was given a bottle of a VERY rare and excellent beer, one off type of deal. It was hanging out in my fridge, just aging a little bit. It was going to be at its peak by the time this upcoming birthday rolled around, which I was saving it for.

    Well I get home last night see all the beer I had that wasn’t anything special got drunk. No biggie except I wanted one. Figured I would do a check to see if maybe it was moved (my dumbass roommates do that) and it wasn’t. Whatever, no biggie, i know they will pay me back.

    Said, wait a second, I didn’t see the rare bottle (which was off to the side, clearly the label has the specific number out of less than 700 handwritten, oh, and I had pointed out to them NOT TO FUCKING DRINK). The bottle is in the recycling bin to be taken out.

    One of the roomies was there, she didn’t have it. The one who drank it was the one who went through half a bottle of a rare rum thinking it was tequila (because there are a ton of tequilas that are a dark mahogany color. Did I mention she’s a bartender?).

    Texted her and was like hey did you drink that bottle? No response. She never waits to respond and she’s here at the house.

    Only one bottle (and of the wrong year) of the beer she drank on ebay and its paired with another rare beer for $200.

  6. Jules says:

    Kudzu Vine was great last night!

    I hear that the Gov is backing away from the Pre-K cuts,…. anyone else hearing this?

    Keep calling him!

  7. innerredneckexposed says:

    Now I have to start caring about GA politics again. Great.