Now this is going to be a little heavy with the Magazine but this week, it deserves the attention.

First off, I guess I like the new design, but truth be told, I don’t really care.

Now we have a new “Ethicist” columnist and goodness is she just awful. At least Cohen had some idea of ethical theory but it appears we’re now going to have someone offering essentially self-help advice on very easy topics. Oh and she’s not even an armchair ethicist. Perhaps I shouldn’t be too harsh on Kaminer considering it is only her second week on the job but she’s set a bad tone.

Bill Keller’s new column is pretty cool.

Have no idea who Jillian Michaels is but good job to the Magazine‘s art staff giving her a soul patch in the hard copy.

We’re about to begin in earnest the in-depth reporting of Iowa’s obscure presidential-political elements, this is a good one to start off with.

Holy balls is Bittman awesome. This would be best with cremini mushrooms but it will be delish however. Will be making it later this week. Will report with details. Also, I’m super glad he’s not leaving the paper writing about food.

Seems to be a really interesting architect.

The “Abstract Sunday” was pretty funny. Go read all the Magazine to be honest with you.

The Times‘ coverage of the Japanese disaster is second-to-none for English language reporting. After reading this you’ll be an expert on nuclear reactors. Who needs a PhD in nuclear engineering?

So, uh, Afghanistan. We’re getting out of there when, again?

He really has his work cut out for him. Good luck.

You know what the “Wisconsin 14” aren’t? Anything that they were described as here.

As a non-coffee drinker, the profile of Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz is interesting.

It’s hard out here for a despotic dictator trying to flee your country with large sums of hard currency! Not exactly as catchy as the real song, but still.

If even the military can’t operate efficiently, nothing in American government can or will.

Some of you dudes are heading to Sao Paulo. Here’s how to spend 36 hours there. And here is a tip for Salvador. The picture there belies one of the most treacherous facts about beach life in Brazil. Namely that there are tons of old dudes who should not be wearing skimpy swim garments, yet they do. Be forewarned, while the girl from Ipanema is to be found, she’ll be lost among the sea of those folk.

You know what is awesome? Millionaires and billionaires fighting about money. **** ’em both.

Take care of Bryce Harper, seems like he has a good perspective of things, and the Nats will be a tough as hell team in a couple years.

Uncle Mo could be your Kentucky Derby champ. Heard it here first folks.

Baseball’s early history is as intriguing as anything else. God I love that sport.

That said, Tim Lincecum is a scary dude. Do not put him on the cover of anything.

Now, I apologize to the hordes of fans who were deprived of this for the past few weeks. I was abroad and while I could have used The International Herald Tribune I just chose not to.

Later homeslices.


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  1. EGaluszka says:

    I just did a column on the NFL contract negotiations and their implications for labor law at large, if anyone is interested.