Rep. David Wilkerson is one of the fabulous freshmen Democrats in the Georgia General Assembly, and is speaking out against HB 385.

Even with our losses in 2010, some of our freshmen Dems have to give you hope for the future.

(Atlanta, GA.) – March 11, 2011 – Today, State Representative David Wilkerson (D- Austell) announced his opposition to House Bill 385, which is based on the work of the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness.

Wilkerson announced his opposition after seeing the goods and services facing new or increased taxes.  HB 385 would lower corporate and state income taxes but raise and levy new taxes on many goods and services for Georgians.  “We should not be taxing the necessities in life,” Wilkerson said. “If HB 385 is passed, new taxes would be levied on basics including groceries, medicine, and school lunches.”

Not only would Georgians have to pay more for the basics, they face a slew of new taxes on other goods and professional services. Georgians would pay taxes on previously untaxed services, including lawn care, haircuts, garbage collection, and veterinarian services.

“I have heard the concerns of those in the community about the proposal to add a sales tax on Girl Scout cookies,” said Wilkerson. “The selling of these items is a tradition in Georgia and is currently an untaxed fundraiser. It is unfortunate and unfair to place the burden of solving the state’s fiscal situation on the backs of our young people.”

While the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness that helped craft this legislation is looking for sensible solutions to provide tax relief to some Georgians and generate revenue, HB 385 is not the relief we are looking for.  “It’s time to go back to the drawing board and submit a proposal to the House that is fiscally responsible,” Wilkerson stated, “One that does not burden Georgians with a series of new taxes.”

Wilkerson calls on all representatives, especially the more than 50 members who have signed “No New Tax” pledges, to vote NO on HB 385.



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