Earlier this year we saw a bill fail to come to the floor of the Senate because the Republican Caucus voted not to allow it to be considered…  that’s right, any bill that comes before the Senate has to have the approval of the Republican Caucus first…  later, that bill, SB 10, was forced to the floor only after outrage over the way it was handled and pressure from organizations like the Chamber of Commerce on the Republican leadership.

Well, now Georgia Republicans are going to raise your taxes.  Not near as much as they wanted to, but a tax hike none the less.

Of course, Democrats have been locked out of these considerations as well.  Since all the Republicans need is their own votes to pass bills, they see no need to take into consideration that there may be other options…  so, we’ll just raise taxes on the middle class and the poor.

Shame on the Georgia Republican Party.  They campaign on issues of fear, then when they get elected, they stick it to the middle class working people of Georgia that elected them.

Oh, and where are the jobs?  Because if you fools think cutting the state’s income tax rate from 6% to 4.5% is going to create loads of jobs, you’re more insane then we thought.


4 Responses to This is how Democracy dies…

  1. Trevor Southerland says:

    No hyperbole.

    All forms of government have flaws… democracies, monarchies, dictatorships, etc…

    • Ed says:

      So when a party is clearly in the minority and doesn’t represent the will of the majority then aren’t considered, democracy, where the majority rules (and the minority only has rights, in this instance, whether or not they can block passage of legislation) has failed? Got it.

      But then of course, this merely follows congressional precedent then which Democrats are as guilty of as Republicans.

      Look as I told Republicans and I’ll tell Democrats now–if you don’t want to be shut out of the legislative system–fill more than 40% of the chamber. It ain’t that hard.

  2. Ed says:

    Whoa. Hyperbole much? At any rate, I’ve long said democracy is overrated (true) and dudes still don’t want to listen. So sad.