Judging from the 80 comments on a recent thread, Libya certainly evokes strong emotions. Yesterday, a Libyan woman named Eman al-Obeidi rushed into a Tripoli hotel where foreign press are staying and told the media she had been raped and beaten by Col. Qaddafi’s forces. Within minutes, hotel staff and government officials were physically trying to shut her up. Nic Robertson, who was there with CNN, said a hotel waitress called her a “traitor” and video footage was destroyed. Eventually, she was whisked away in a van by gov’t official who claimed she was mentally ill. Fortunately, The Telegraph managed to keep their cameras safe and you can view the incident here. It’s disturbing, to say the least. This incident is precisely why our involvement in Libya is not as as simple as some may think.


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  1. JMPrince says:

    Yep it was the Duck, which also has plenty of useful discussion on the topic & zombies too. No, Really! [ See: ‘Zombies, Cyborgs & International Relations’ the Movie (Short)! @ the duck]

    Original here:

    • Jen B. says:

      You should have quoted some of it since most people don’t click on links. Best part:

      But try as they might, the hypocrites selling the turned-on-a-dime memes about Libya themselves only get the silver medal. The gold medal winners are the partisan commentators on cable and the partisan bloggers who gleefully chortle at the hypocrisy of the other side but who maintain a relentless code of silence about their own.

      True enough.

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    Who knows? But some thoughts & research here:

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    Qaddafi is a jerk, and NATO’s intervention seems to be working much better than I thought it would, judging from the rapid advance of the rebels toward the west part of the country. Hopefully Qaddafi will flee before too much longer.

    I still think we did the right thing.