Yesterday I received an email from this group encouraging me to “Boycott Georgia”.  Here’s an excerpt:


Georgia is following Arizona’s footsteps with their version of the discriminatory and draconian anti-immigration law HB87. Once again we see the same alliance of extremist groups and private prison corporations – those who pushed for similar bills in Arizona and Utah – doing the same in Georgia: FAIR, CCA (Correction Corporation of America) and even the KKK. Our community is experiencing renewed attacks and a fresh round of prejudice and persecution. We can’t stop our fight now. We need all the support in numbers that we can get. The more of us to stand up, the more effective we will be in stopping this from spreading onto other state legislatures who are being bought and hijacked into considering similar unconstitutional bills.

The video clip on the page, rightly connects the hateful speech by Rene Unterman next to the Klan. Yeah, not sorry I said that.

Has anyone else gotten this? Or have you gotten other groups emails? If so please share in comments.


7 Responses to And so it begins

  1. lynnbo says:

    They did not fund the bill so no enforcement. Property pimps and govnernment workers depend on illegals to fund their needs.
    Businesses exploit them and help them abuse our systems.
    They want to be here and enjoy America until its third world…then they can go home again with more than they came.
    Use and abuse.

  2. griftdrift says:

    Oh goodness