This seems odd to be, but sadly par for the course in Georgia politics.

From what I understand, HB 388 has not yet been presented to the Democrats in the Georgia Legislature, but now they see it thanks to State Rep. Brett Harrell, can who posted details of the 3rd attempt to raise taxes on the working class on his web site yesterday.

So, as per usual, the Republican leadership is making sure they can get their own caucus in order to assure that any opposition from the people of Georgia is squashed in the final three days of the legislative session.

You can see the substitute here.


6 Responses to Just another day…

  1. Jules says:

    Seems this is dead.. but in other news the rival GOP Senate crew apparently has gotten caught making up women posing as activists..

    Hum, making people up.. posing as internet activists/bloggers.. how 2006 of them

  2. Chris says:

    Well ultimately no one really cares about process so I hope the D’s stick together and vote no no matter how the final proposal looks.

  3. Steve Golden says:

    If that’s the case, the GOP should be railed on in the press, on the floor, from the hills….

    If this is true, I am completely disgusted. The fact that us Dems can’t get a cohesive messaging team together to deal with these kinds of instances is a joke. Until we do, I hope everyone likes permanent minority status.