The HOPE tour (Sen. Carter, Sen. Jackson, Rep. Evans and Rep. Al Williams) came into Savannah today. The event was at Savannah State University (which is a tough campus to get out of ). They spoke to a packed house (over 100 people showed up) for around 30 minutes and then took questions for another 45 minutes. I wont get into the meat of what was said. We all know that HOPE is in trouble and that means that Georgia is in trouble. What I would love to talk about was what I saw in the room.

I saw some of our veteran legislators ( Sen. Jackson and Rep. Al Williams) along with two of our quickly rising stars (Rep. Evans and Sen. Carter) working very well together. I don’t know much about the rest of the tours but I do know that the final product of these four folks in Savannah was awesome.

Most importantly, I saw over 100 students wanting to act. A lot of people in the audience were fresh faces to politics and this was the first time most of them had ever been to a political forum. In the beginning most of the questions asked were very specific about the HOPE cuts but that quickly started to change into questions like, “What can we do?” or ” Who do I need to call about this?”. I got the feeling that most of the folks in the room didn’t know what to expect from this tour but when they left they left inspired. Inspired to act.  I pray that this is the response they had across the state.

Kudos to Claritza Cruz the president of the Savannah State Poli Sci Assn for all of her hard work. Also thanks to the elected officials and their staff (Meg & Mike) for making the trip.

Y’all are welcome back anytime.


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