I think I can speak for everyone at Blog for Democracy when I say our thoughts, hopes and for those that pray, prayers, are with everyone who was in the storms path last night.

Alabama has taken the brunt of the damage, but several other states, including Georgia and Tennessee have also sustained damage and loss of life.  Virginia, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana were also in the storms path.

I have family in Bradley County and Hamilton County (Chattanooga) in Tennessee as well as Catoosa County in far northern Georgia.  Besides some property damage and such it appears my family has been spared the loss of life, but I know that Ringgold, Chattanooga, Cleveland and Apison have all experienced several deaths and Ringgold has a reported twelve buildings which have collapsed with damage to Ringgold High School and Ringgold Middle School.  My alma mater of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School is being used as an emergency shelter today for those who no longer have houses.

Over 150 deaths so far in Alabama.  News Channel 9 in Chattanooga reporting 27 deaths in the Chattanooga metro area.  You can view their footage from Ringgold here.  A hotel was among the buildings collapsed in Ringgold.

You can read the AJC’s coverage here here.  CNN is reporting a death toll of 202 231 247 so far, and they have some pictures here.  President Obama has declared Alabama a federal disaster area and Governor Deal has declared several Georgia counties a disaster area.

I know there was also damage done in south metro Atlanta and south Georgia as well.

Those of you who are able to give blood, I know that is always a necessity in situations like this so consider giving your local blood bank a call.  Other than that we’ll continue to monitor the situation and let the emergency responders do what they do and we thank them for their dedication to serving our communities.

If you have any reports from your area, please feel free to post and update everyone below.


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  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for this Trevor, I was thinking of doing the same in the morning, but the numbers were just coming in then. Here in Bartow, our North got hit pretty bad, 2000+ homes are still w/o power. Pine Log School got hit & they’re w/o power. Kingston, Cassville, Rydal & Adairsville, Crow Springs are among the areas hardest hit. Numerous trees down & are entangling lines. Plenty of debris along the Cass-White Rd. area. Damage heavy but thankfully few hurt badly. No known fatalities. Shotgun Rd. in the county is being reported as impassable, but plenty of roads impacted. Most of the action was about 10 Mi. north of Cartrersville, along the Hwy 411 corridor. Lots of repair crews out & working to get things right. But plenty of damage done. One dead in a traffic accident of unknown origin.

    Some pics from the county can be seen on the Patch here: