Now that Robert Brown is retiring, who will replace him?

Doug Stoner?

Maybe an ultimate-switch, where Tim Golden switches again to lead the Dems? Stranger things have happened…OK not really.


8 Responses to Who Will Lead Dems in the Senate?

  1. Ann says:

    Steve Henson is outstanding.

  2. Julianal says:

    Willie, I think he’s running for macon mayor this fall.. so he’s out like nowish

  3. Willie Stark says:

    When is Brown leaving? I hope he stays until the end of the 2012 session.

  4. Steve Golden says:

    It’ll very easily be Doug Stoner. I frankly don’t think much of anyone else will contend for it.

  5. EGaluszka says:

    Doug Stoner is my boy, and the obvious choice.