CNN reporting.

Not sure if I am “happy”…not sure if this has ever happened before again…doubt it will ever happen again but… good.


16 Responses to Bin Laden is Dead

  1. JMPrince says:

    FYI: Besides the almost universally miserable & misery reaction locally from the R side of our Congressional delegation, we’ve got this example of un-graciousness via ‘the more writerly’ Ed of G&T: Examples of Other idiotic reactions culled from Face Book:


  2. While I’m relieved to have this chapter closed, I can’t find it in myself to “celebrate” the assassination of human being, no matter how horrific his actions.

    • Julianal says:


      After hearing about the death of Al Qaeda leader and the architect of the September 11th tragedy, Rep. John Lewis made this statement:

      “I am not one to rejoice in the death of any person, but Osama bin Laden took the lives of thousands of innocent people in this country and around the world. He committed heinous crimes that ended the hopes and dreams of many courageous public servants as well as a group of excited young children and dedicated teachers on a field trip to California. Many people left home for work that day never to return. Today thousands of families are missing their fathers and mothers, sons and daughters due to the violence this man fomented and supported.

      “His terrorism changed not only individual lives, but it promoted an environment of fear and the need for ever-ready security to assure the defense of this nation and others around the world. Even though there is still a great deal of work left to win the struggle against terrorism, I am hopeful that this important moment will create the willingness to open the door to peace and build a pathway to resolve international differences based on an understanding of the unity of all humankind.”


      Brenda Jones
      Communications Director for
      The Honorable John Lewis
      343 Cannon House Office Building
      Washington, DC 20515

    • Steve Golden says:

      See for me, I don’t see OBL as a human. He’s subhuman. Dirt. I won’t celebrate the death of a human being, but like other mass murders like Hitler, I’m okay with dancing on this grave. And I’m happy he’s dead.

  3. Ed says:

    To be clear I mis-read/was kinda drunk/incorrectly remembering CNN and was thinking it was some special ops/non-soldiers who captured OBL which is why I said it wasn’t troops.

    The pedantry is correct somewhere, somehow.

    • EGaluszka says:

      When MSNBC was first reporting it, they said it was a CIA operation. Later on it was revealed to be Navy SEALs. So you were probably just not updated.

  4. JMPrince says:

    Thanks JD, Good to know. I guess some of the ambivalence is knowing that this will not end it over there, and you’re likely not coming home anytime soon.

    On a 2nd point & contra Ed, since we’re evidently in possession of the body, our soldiers were indeed responsible for OBL’s death. No one else was going to do it for us either.

    On a tangential note, no this was & is not a necessary or sufficient condition for ending most wars, just many of those where one side refuses to ‘leave the field of battle’ and or ‘cease & desist’.

    And oh yeah, Kaiser ‘Billy’ got away scot free too.,_German_Emperor


    • JMPrince says:

      More details here, but evidently the key was looking for a ‘major hospital center’ with a nearby golf course instead of the caves he frequented for a short time in 2001, when we last missed our chance to kill or capture him. The key was ‘dialysis’ and/or continued treatment of his chronic conditions of old age. And the cooperation of the ISI on this issue, finally.


      • JMPrince says:

        More details via Kos here:

        Again, OBL was about 200-800 yds from the Pakistan Military Academy, their ‘West Point’. That’s where his ‘hide out’ was, in & among some of the highest concentration of retired and active military in their nation.

        Also recall that McCain said he’d not ‘go into Pakistan to get OBL’, but Obama pledged he would during the campaign. I’m proud to know that all the courageous people involved in the operation made it a success.

        But make no mistake about it. Obama staked his presidency on this outcome. Unlike Carter and the failed & somewhat misbegotten ‘hostage rescue mission’ in Iran, the result here was a successful and completed mission. Which of course is another tremendous contrast with Bush too, who dismantled the group solely responsible for targeting OBL in 2006, and said he agreed with Musharraf that he should not ‘attack Pakistan’ to get OBL in 2002.

        Some things that perhaps should not go w/o mention due to some of the churlish attitudes and reluctance to give credit where credit was due for this, yes policy success. JMP

  5. Jason Dozier says:

    I’m sitting on a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan as I type this. Collectively, we’re all fist pumping over here. Personally, I’m running the whole gamut of emotions right now.

  6. Steve Golden says:

    I’m humming along to some Team America, myself.

    Tomorrow is High-Five a Soldier Day. Make sure that happens.

    • Ed says:

      Soldiers weren’t responsible for OBL’s death.

      On the one hand I want to “celebrate” on the other–I’m not sure why.

      • Baker says:

        Dude. Ed. We all know this doesnt mean the end of struggling to contain militant terrorists claiming to be Muslims. But it does mean we just killed a freaking mass murderer! Why cant you be psyched about that?

  7. Sarawara says:

    It’s weird, right? The way everyone is celebrating? I mean I am glad that we don’t have to worry about that jackass anymore but I’m not sure I can get down with the celebrations. I guess I’m not “America, fuck yeah” enough.

    • Jen B. says:

      That’s sorta funny since “America, fuck yeah!” is immediately what I thought.

  8. JMPrince says:

    Glad to see the old bugger off. He still had some old Regan-Bush era script & pay stubs too. But evidently the hold up is for the DNA confirmation. And yes, that or something awfully close is required here. Hence all the paper work required. On to al-Zawahiri et al.