I don’t know about you but I’m relieved that the May 21st date that floated around for the JJ Dinner has been changed.  Don’t get me wrong, there are few places I’d rather be when the Rapture comes than in a ballroom filled with Georgia Democrats.  Logistically speaking I think June 25th is a better option.  Just imagine the confusion on May 21st – who gets “Raptured” from a mashup of Democrats?

The other good news is that we have until October 21, 2011 before the  world ends completely.  I’m really looking forward to the Post-Rapture Five Months. Partay!

Want to keep up with news on the Rapture?  Check out Justin Berton’s Blog, Last Year on Earth.



17 Responses to Jefferson Jackson Dinner June 25!

  1. Kimberly Smith says:

    @CobbProgressive, you make several valid points, but I think the only thing we’ve not been is harsh in public. We’ve all been very strong with our concerns off-line.

    I actually don’t recall too much public criticism during Jane’s tenure. We all wanted her to succeed.

    I do however recall being brutal during the Kahn years.. many as they were.

    I will tell you that I’ve heard from a number of people that the “couples” ticket offering is going over like a lead balloon. Seriously couples pricing, what it this 1970?

    If you sit with your county party it will only cost you $100.00 to attend if they commit to a table. If a caucus buys a table I think that’s also 1000 or 10 @ 100. Frankly, those $200. tickets are not the going rate.

  2. cobbprogressive says:

    You guys are joking about this, but the mismanagement of the JJ Dinner really isn’t a good start for the new leaders of the state party. They obviously never got a true commitment to attend from President Carter, and that’s why he said he’s not coming and didn’t commit to some future date.

    Now all we have is a bunch of “invited guests” – meaning that none of them are likely to come. If the previous regime had messed up a JJ this badly, the people on this blog would have rightfully been VERY harsh on Jane and the people who worked for her.

  3. Oliver says:

    Good job “Catherine”.

  4. Julianal says:

    @Tony… hey I really need to check out the rapture leftover sales on Craigslist don’t I.

    I heard the story on NPR saturday and I just felt so sad. One couple spent everything they had, and have a baby. The nuttiness even extended to contingency planning.. in fact you can’t if your a true believer.

  5. Tony says:

    “For a small deposit of only $50, you can be assured that your pets will be well cared for from the time that you are raptured until the end of their natural life.”:


    • Jen B. says:

      Since all dogs go to heaven, is the world going to be full of cats after the rapture? That is almost enough to make me head to church right now and convert.

    • Kate Fowler says:

      Best line from that craigs list ad:
      “…as I would imagine there will be a lot of pets that will be abandoned by Jesus the pet hater that will need to be cared for.”

      Ha. “Jesus the pet hater”.

  6. Steve Golden says:

    See, I just assumed the JJ Dinner was the rapture.

  7. Jen B. says:

    I hope the rapture happens around midnight so there’s not a lot of cars stuck on the roadways. Otherwise, traffic on Monday is gonna be a bitch.

    • Kate Fowler says:

      Hmm. Will we really care about traffic after the Rapture? Won’t those of us left (not that I’m suggesting any of you would be spared… ) just be having sex, watching porn, drinking heavily & doing drugs?

      • Jen B. says:

        Fair point. But how am I going to get to the festivities without my car? Guess I’ll need to move to the Highlands so I’ll be in walking distances to all the hooliganism.

    • JMPrince says:

      I’m staying behind to organize the repo groups. As per the usual plan. JMP

  8. David says:

    If the Rapture comes and Jesus come to take a group of Democrats first, how would some Republicans spin that?

  9. Trevor Southerland says:

    I’m going to have to consult with the guy that stands at the corner of Frey Road and Chastain Road in Kennesaw about this… he’s who I get all my religious advisement from.