Kudos to the AJC for getting this story.

Hall [County’s] practice of transferring struggling students from regular high schools to [alternative schools] days before graduation has been criticized by some who questioned whether the district simply shuffled students around to game the state’s accountability system.

The students named in the article, both the one who was transferred and the one who was pressured to transfer, passed the graduation upon a retesting and received their diplomas. Congratulations to them both and shame on Hall County for caring more about their stats than the kids they are there to educate.


4 Responses to No Child Left Behind

  1. Ed says:

    Their best story came in Monday or Sunday’s paper about how schools aren’t encouraging all kids to go to college, instead they are pushing them toward vocational training.

    Mean to post that.

    • Kate Fowler says:

      I don’t know if you are being serious or snarky, Ed, but I think encouraging vocational training is a step in the right direction. If you’ve ever tried to find a competent plumber or electrician, you’ll know what demand there is for these skilled trades. It would be refreshing to see them regain some of their former respect, as well.

  2. JMPrince says:

    High stakes testing promotes cheating nearly everywhere. On all sides of the equation, both historically & operationally. And feeling like the ancient mariner here this particular trick goes back, oh more than a decade. And it ‘works’ due to inattention, innumerancy and all around idiocy & gullibility of the general public AND the cheerleading press that reported on the supposed ‘miracle results’ of these testing regimes.

    Witness the first of the ‘new’ generation here, the old reliable Houston & Texas ‘miracle’ of increasing scores in schools that Rod Paige engineered for G. W. Bush. Carnival barkers have more credibility, but the press bought it hook line & sinker for the 2000 presidential race. The rest as they say is commentary. And ‘cleanup’ afterwards, when reality asserts itself.


    SSDD. But it’s good that someone’s finally covering the ‘cleanup’.

  3. Parker Rubye says:

    The AJC has done an excellent job sounding the alarm about education issues these past few years. If it weren’t for a free press, we would know nothing about the CRCT cheating in Atlanta, the corruption in Dekalb, or falsifying disciplinary issues in Gwinnett. Kudos to the AJC for speaking up for kids, even though the Chamber of Commerce would rather sweep the problems under the rug.