As I just commented, there has been a somewhat serious decline in the amount of bitchiness and snark around here. We’ve become entirely too PC for my taste.

You know, like caring about others by encouraging donations, asking you to show up at events where you would meet great folks running for office, or my god-gasp learning something about our complicated Civil Rights history.

Bah, I say.

Lets dish on things totally not related to making this state better… like these fabulous stories:

The Donald’s loony assertions that Hawaii is a foreign land, and how did that black kid get into Harvard or some such clap trap

Well, duh-obviously OBL wasn’t buried at sea. I know from EVERY spy novel I ever read he’s in a cold storage facility on the Gowanus Parkway in Brooklyn wrapped in bacon.

I heard Sarah! wanted to send SEALs and Crofts to get OBL.

So blog peeps, what have you got?

But I gotta tell you it’s going to be hard to top this story.


17 Responses to Welcome to “Snark” Thursdays!

  1. JMPrince says:

    Nowhere to put this, but just for Jules. Less snark than amazing:


  2. Kate Fowler says:

    In celebration of 125 years in business, Coca Cola is draping their building in white sheets? Is this symbolic of something popular during their early days in business?

  3. Julianal says:

    Afternoon snark… seems Saxby was fooled by some internet photo shop of a dead Bin laden, which I find hilarious in a “your karma is screwed” kind of way…since wasn’t he the guy who got elected in 2002 by morphing Bin Ladens face on his opponent Sen. Max Cleland?

    You thought we forgot about that Saxby…not f’ing likely.

  4. EGaluszka says:

    Have a happy Cinco, everyone. Try not to get hit by a bus in a drunken stupor.

  5. sunkawakan says:

    Why do so many Republicans wish to skull-f**k OBL’s dead body? Do they do this high on bath salts, pontificating about the Tenth Amendment while basking under energy-deficient incandescent light bulbs and whining about microchips in their nether regions?

  6. JMPrince says:

    It takes real undergrads to know & understand where OBL was:

    Or come awfully close, During the Bush administration too.

  7. Ed says:

    First–you haven’t lived ’til you’ve gotten high off bath salts.
    Second–if a grown man wants to wear ladies undergarments…all I’m saying is don’t judge.
    Third–who HASN’T had some experience with a dead goat.

    I mean…come on.

    Also, I need snark lessons. I’ve become just an asshole, no snark left.

    “You go to war with the snark you have!”

  8. Jen B. says:

    I would just be happy if we started spelling Hawaii as Hawai’I.

  9. Kate Fowler says:

    Another reason for Thursday to be my favorite weekday – BfD Snark Thursdays!

  10. "Mel" says:

    Taking odds that the kid with the goat will be running as a Republican in 10 years. Goat story will be passed off as “youthful indiscretion”. Opposing Democrats will be charged with hating bath salts and, by extension, America.

  11. Julianal says:

    Excellent start “Not “Mel””

  12. Not "Mel" says:

    I don’t mean to sound arrogant or anything, but I think you need to take one of your extra periods after the word “stories” and deposit it after the word “trap.”

    Also, on your last link it’s odd that you didn’t include the “t” in the link… I’ll assume this is because you have some sort of weird anti-t philosophy.

    And yes, I ain’t using my real name cause I don’t want no haters’ to hate… because some people really don’t get good humor these days… but most of you will either be able to identify my writing style or be an administrator here who can see the e-mail address I put in and know my number one mission in life is to smile. 🙂

    Life is too fun sometimes.

    Oh, I also don’t see why you needed to attack so many Democrats in the writing of this blog post.