Today, there are not one but two facepalm-inducing stories from Atlanta Public Schools.

The juicy, and “good” stuff:

The CRCT scores for APS are absolutely atrocious.

Some noteworthy stats: nearly 50% of all 8th grade students failed the science portion. The failure rate of the social studies section hovers around a healthy 35% on average. The math portion had a similarly bad showing across the board. Some good news is that the language arts performance wasn’t terrible and just 8.1% of 8th graders failed the reading section.

But wait…there’s more! The actual numbers could be much worse. APS is caught up in a little cheating scandal related to the CRCT results. In the latest salvo, Superintendent Beverly Hall is accused of ordering the destruction of documents that detailed alleged “systematic” cheating in the district. Hall denies wrongdoing.

Whatever. At least she’s gone now.

And while we’re at it–thank goodness Khaatim Sherrrer El is out as board chair.

APS: Truly making a difference indeed.

I kinda feel bad for Errol Morris Davis. Even if he is only interim APS Super, man does he have a bunch on his plate. Also, I’ve now written about him in my real job, and my fake job.


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