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ATLANTA — Senate Democrats are touting a unified, harmonious party after the election of two new leaders.

The Democratic Caucus on Monday voted to install Sen. Steven Henson of Tucker as the caucus leader and Sen. Vincent Fort of Atlanta as the caucus whip. Both are longtime members of the Georgia Legislature.

Henson, the former whip, was selected to fill the position of caucus leader when veteran Sen. Robert Brown resigned to become a candidate for mayor of Macon.

Caucus Chairman Sen. Doug Stoner says the process was “seamless” and says the caucus “honors individual opinions while working together to advance Democratic principles.”

The state Senate gained attention this year as infighting among Republicans threatened to derail the General Assembly’s priorities.

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One Response to Congratulations Sen. Henson

  1. JMPrince says:

    Congrats to both, and I suspect Rep. Henson at least is easier to talk to & get a hold of as well. Both are active & visible at least, which is a good start. Both fairly progressive too.