I just saw a note on Facebook about a scam in East Atlanta Village.

The gist is: don’t park in the lot behind Earthshaking music and SoBa. Dude bought it, removed all signage, and is booting anyone who parks there for whatever reason.

It’ll cost you $75 in cash to have the boot removed.

But wait, there is more! “the booting company is not compliant with city code. If you call the police and they tell you it is a civil matter, tell them it is an unauthorized booting company and ask them to run the paperwork.City code is here“.

Should you get booted, contact Johnny at 13 Roses Tattoo. He is launching a suit against the lot’s owner.

EAV: Sprinting to the top of the suckpile in a serious effort to dethrone Buckhead, Midtown, anywhere OTP, and wherever “foodies” and especially food trucks can be found.


2 Responses to East Atlanta Village Warning

  1. JMPrince says:

    That there was, and it was caught by WABE this afternoon. I’m sure others were on to it too. Sounded like quite the elaborate scam. The lot’s fenced now.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Perhaps there’s collusion between the property owner and booting company.