The big story seems to be concerning the Georgia Ethics Commission, now known as the   Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (how’s that for smaller government?) and staff changes that may or may not be taking place;  FBI involvement (or not) that may be happening.  Alas, the AJC is all “he said, she said” with little background.  Clearly, this is a developing story.

In an email obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Stacey Kalberman, the commission’s executive secretary, linked the decision to eliminate her assistant’s job and deeply cut her own salary to their requests for subpoenas against the governor’s campaign. She also revealed in that email to Patrick Millsaps, chairman of the ethics commission, that the state attorney general’s office reviewed their work and that the FBI offered to assist in the ethics investigation.

I am shocked.  Shocked, that a Governor’s appointee could be attempting to influence investigations into said Governor’s campaign.  Shocked, I say.


5 Responses to He was, “like” and I was “like”…

  1. Julez says:

    And now there is this…

    8K in perks from Delta… sounds like something the Ethics Comish should investigate, oh yeah, that’s right. My bad.

    • Ed says:

      Actually that isn’t that big a deal really. Sunday’s front page story is more interesting.

      Not saying it was bad for Deal but eh… airlines want to give out upgrades to dudes. Anyway, I wouldn’t take it because Delta’s lounges suck. Might as well be with the peasantry. AmEx has some fantastic lounges if you have a corporate/gold or better card.

  2. Julez says:

    Wait, Deal ( I left congress under an ethics cloud) “like” has an issue with like, ethics. Say it ain’t so.

    “Ricky, I’m shocked that gambling is going on in this establishment”.. your winnings General.

  3. JMPrince says:

    We’ve got some stock footage of that, with some catchy music: