ICYMI, a federal judge blocked the implementation of two parts of HB 87 on Monday. Those sections would have given police authority to investigate the citizenship of people suspected to be illegal aliens and made it a felony to knowingly give aliens rides or housing.

Unfortunately, the judge did not block the use of E-Verify. Why unfortunately? Because as the bill’s author, Rep. Matt Dollar says: “E-Verify is kind of the tent pole of the whole legislation to me”. Awesome.

Gov. Deal’s office said the state will appeal the decision, putting Deal even more squarely in the camp of those who wish to violate basic human dignity and also destroy our state’s economy. Oh, and if civil liberties and curtailing government authority are your things, Deal is not on your side either.

Omar Jadwat, staff counsel for the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, was quoted by the AJC saying “The judge recognized the serious flaws in the law in his decision,

And while the state may try to claim victory, former Dekalb judge Keegan Federal (sidenote: great name for a litigator) offers a blistering rebuke to the state’s celebration. Via, the ever estimable Jim Galloway.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta issued a statement on Facebook saying: “We are relieved to learn a federal judge has temporarily blocked parts of GA’s HB87.”


4 Responses to Judge Rules for Unalienable Human Rights; Gov. Deal is Opposed

  1. JMPrince says:

    For 10 years or more, every advancement in stem cell research has been held hostage to hostile GOP anti-science factions who’d screech loudly & claim that these developments would lead directly to ‘the kinds of Nazi science’ practiced by Josef Mengele and/or ‘normalizing’ the use of body parts for experimentation, and down the slippery slope to fascism.

    Last week in NY State, they bent over backwards to say that there would be plenty of exemptions for ALL Churches Not to be called upon to perform or participate in any Gay marriage if they so refuse. That careful political compromise was essential to the outcome.

    Here in Ga. & elsewhere on immigration? Evidently the right & the entire GOP are perfectly happy to demand that anyone be subject to the HB87 law that prohibits even the transport of migrants within the state for whatever reason. No health or safety exceptions. That’s now tantamount to illegally ‘harboring’ a fugitive. Ergo, even priests might be prosecuted for congregants worshiping in their erstwhile ‘sanctuaries’. Evidently negating oh only a few 100 years of tradition, if not international law. And some ‘religious’ folks are ‘fine with that’.

    So why is this not also a concern for libertarians & liberty loving people statewide with the obvious complaint that this amounts to the widespread terror felt by would be deportees everywhere? Including wars then & now? Just wondering. JMP

  2. Stefan says:

    The AJC has fixed their article, but no mention of the change or correction has been appended to the piece. Oh well.

  3. Stefan says:

    So, and this is on the AJC not Ed, that bill’s author is Matt Ramsey not Matt Dollar, who is awesome.