8:30 aaaaaaand NPR cuts to Performance Today. The Ed is signing out.

8:28 thoughts from people?

8:25 OK who is this tool giving the opposing view? Ugh…

8:19 OK yeah, so it is a “significant number” of troops who will be out of Afghanistan but there’s still far too many (IMO).

8:17 so NPR isn’t terrible with their analysts.

8:16 “Analysis” time. I wonder how quickly this will turn into BS horse race predictions.

8:15 Well that was quick. Why wasn’t he thinking about the bloggers and giving us something more to blog about.

8:14 Responsibly end the wars and fix America. Anyone expect to hear that a bunch in the next 15 months or so?

8:13 newest posts will now be at top.

8:07 so I’m a little late. Didn’t know I’d have internet at home. It is like 1943 over here. I’m hearing about a never-ending war via the radio because I have no TV.

8:08 Other than having the surge drawdown, how quickly will our boys come home?

8:09 The tide of war is receding. Well that is good to know. But we’ve still got the Iraq morass to deal with.

8:09 We must learn our lessons? What were the past few centuries showing you shouldn’t go into Afghanistan enough?

8:10 we must go wherever there is evil? Wherever innocents are being slaughtered… Funny…Sudan called. They’re still waiting.

8:11 Whoa. Nice job of turning this into a speech about jobs. Probably no one saw that coming.

8:12 Nation building here at home. Wow, this is kinda awesome.


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