The Congressman speaks for me  when he says this:

“I was glad to hear that President Barack Obama is trying to keep his promise and begin the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan this summer.  I am also glad to hear that at least 10,000 of our men and women are coming home, but we need to do more.  We need to do much, much more.  The American people are sick and tired of war.  They have been calling on their leadership to bring all of our young men and women home, to end our commitment to on-going conflict and find a way toward peace.


“Today millions of Americans are struggling to find jobs, to hold on to their homes, to pay the rising costs of gasoline and air conditioning.  They are struggling to pay for their children’s education, put food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs.  People right here at home are facing the aftermath of floods, fires, tornados and hurricanes.  Our infrastructure is crumbling, and our government is confronting mounting debt.  At this time of challenge for America, we need to expend our resources here at home.”

“In the six months of this year alone, we have already spent $100 billion on war.  Those billions of dollars of the American people’s money could be used to rebuild our schools and our roads, to fulfill the promises we have made to seniors to pay pensions, to help preserve Medicare and Medicaid, and relieve some of the suffering we are facing on American shores.  We cannot afford to continue this conflict—economically, socially or morally. We must bring all of our young men and women home.  And we must bring them home now.”

He’s also spoken out recently about the Republican attack on Voting Rights :

“Voting rights are under attack in America,” said Rep. John Lewis.  “Quietly, yet persistently some of the rights that many people died for are being taken away.  Yesterday, June 21st was the anniversary of the disappearance of Andrew Goodman, Mickey Schwerner and James Chaney.  They were three, young civil rights workers who came to Mississippi in the summer of 1963 to ensure that American citizens could exercise their right to vote.  These young voting rights activists were arrested by the sheriff, turned over to the Klan, beaten, shot, and killed trying to make sure Americans could participate freely in the democratic process.

“On the anniversary of their disappearance, the U.S. House of Representatives led by a Republican majority is not debating the needs for jobs in America.  They are not discussing our crumbling roads, bridges and infrastructure.  They are not fighting to preserve the pensions of working Americans or trying to protect Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security.  They are striking down the Election Assistance Commission, which helped certify and test faulty voting machines and made machine manufacturers accountable.  The EAC has also streamlined voting for men and women on military bases, provided voting materials for non-English speaking citizens, and made it easier for citizens traveling abroad during an election to vote.

“The American people should be asking why the House is spending its valuable legislative time on this kind of bill.  They say the purpose is to save money, but if we separate citizens from their right to vote, then what will our savings preserve?  What kind of democracy will we have left?  The vote is the most powerful tool we have in a democratic society.  If we as citizens allow its power to be neutralized, we will be facing the need for a new movement and a new non-violent revolution in America to retake the same ground we won 50 years ago.”

I could go on, and on about the Congressman’s commitment to Human Rights, LBGT Equality and a whole host of other issues, so the button sums it up nicely.

Backstage at the Oprah show, he said this.. in 44 seconds he says it all.

I just made a handful of them about 10 minutes ago, because I’m attending several events in the next few days that I know the Congressman will be attending or he’s heavily supported the activities that coincide with the event. If you want one, let me know and I’ll hook you up.



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