After a brief hiatus.

A new poll out by Vanderbilt University shows President Obama leading against all likely Republican candidates. In 2008 Tennessee was one of the President’s weakest states.  What has changed or is this poll “fool’s gold”?

h/t David McLaughlin


4 Responses to The Monday Question returns

  1. varuzhan says:

    Perhaps you’d find interesting to watch this short animation on democracy

  2. Chris says:

    This poll looks like a typical poll done by someone like a university that’s not an actual pollster – super high undecideds, probably used university students to make or monitor the calls.

    No way is Tennessee in play – it’s basically Georgia minus DeKalb County (a lot whiter).

    But, Ga, SC, TX, places with growing non-white populations, game on.

  3. Julez says:

    Little concerned that Karl Rove will begin spending something like 20 million next month tearing down the President.. that will wear, and take it’s toll by Nov 2012. Just saying, sure hope we’ve got just as much money to counter that expense.

  4. David says:

    Would I bet the mortgage payment the President will win TN? No, but this and the polls showing TX, GA, and SC in play are fun to see.

    If the President has a billion dollar campaign budget he can make the Republicans spend money defending these states as well as ID, ND, and UT for that matter.