I’m sure by now you’ve heard the story of Paul Bridges, a self-described “conservative Republican mayor” who is suing the state of Georgia over HB 87. Bridges is mayor of Uvalda, a town of about 600.

He wrote an opinion piece for CNN’s website outlining his opposition to the absurd legislation that will have catastrophic effects on towns across the state, destroy thousands families, wreck countless lives and our legislature was only far too happy to pass in one of its many moments of exceeding wisdom. I think “enforcing our border” was the reason…because we can see Mexico from our houses.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt.

Many are surprised to learn that a conservative Republican mayor like me is involved in a class-action civil-rights lawsuit against my state. And yet, I’m proud to participate in this challenge to Georgia’s harsh “papers please” law, which runs counter to America’s greatest values and threatens to run my town’s economy to the ground.

Simply put, the Georgia law will strip my town of its economic livelihood and deny those living here of their right to drive with their friends, host members of their family or engage in other daily activities without government intrusion. Any American who values liberty, privacy and prosperity should fight this unnecessary, unconstitutional and extremist law.

Look, this isn’t one of those posts where someone finds something said from the opposite party so they can feel justified and a little more self confident in their convictions, or to highlight an example of “leadership”. It is however, hopefully something that will make people realize the law will be nothing short of disastrous for Georgia. Our “Obamacare”, as it were.

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One Response to Uvalda Mayor Suing GA Over “Papers Law”

  1. Ninny says:

    Um, and what exactly does he think CNN can do about it?

    How about he write to Fox News where all the GA GOP legislators hangout waiting for their talking points and spew..

    Lordy he’s mayor of a town of 600 and he’s a jumped up, bless his heart.