Well after thousands of dollars, phone calls and miles traveled… We are voting in municipal and special elections, only 12 minutes left to cast ballots.

Predictions on what will happen in Macon?

What about Dan Mathews over in Oconee County. Will he be the new Georgia House Representative in 113?

Here’s the link to probably one of the nastiest direct mail pieces I’ve ever seen, and well that’s really saying something. Seems it’s so hideous that they heard about it clear across the country.   Dang, hate it when that happens.

FYI, as bad as that direct mail piece is, take note comentors, there is NO reference to the Punic Wars.

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3 Responses to GA Municipal Election Day-Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    My Latest for the Cartersville Patch: ‘Count Differently: Worry Less. Be Happier’. Or 200 years of economic history with a side note on why the national debt is a national treasure. With copious illustrations & graphs, ‘natch. In 1600 words or less.


    Enjoy! JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    Finally after so many years a new meme. Sorry about Dan Matthews not making it up in Oconee. As far as cartoonish nasties, well of course we know that it was being done better more than 200 years ago:

  3. Julianal says:

    Looks like run-offs in the Mayor and Senate race. Lordy.. how much uglier can those races get?