So…today was one of the days I am glad I go to Vigil Mass. Also, missing your international flight sucks.

This is one of those stories that makes the Times excellent, providing succinct analysis of the Turkish military resignations. Now I won’t even pretend to be an expert on Turkish politics or history but I do understand more or less post-Ataturk Turkey, but I still learned a fair bit from the article.

Kadaffi can’t take a hint that it is time to go. Then again, that’s not really a surprise I suppose.

So Iraq….it’s still a mess.

I reckon this dude is awesome.

Now, one of the things I like about the “Today’s Paper” feature online is that one gets to see all the stories that made it to print, even if it didn’t in the national edition. This profile of Call to Action didn’t. FWIW, I am not supportive of their goals, but not opposed to them as an organization. I do know however, that most of their support will come from people looking to justify their beliefs and then have it used to asseverate for their views in debate, or in their own reasoning.

Whatever happens, pork bellies have a tasty future in store. And probably a one way ticket to my belly. While on the subject, make this recipe from 2009 sometime this week. Serve it with a side of fragrant rice and you’ll be in heaven. Also would be a good chance to see how versatile sparking wine can be, and how it isn’t A) just champagne but most importantly B) only for special occasions. A nice cava would be dry enough to cut through the grease and the effervescence helps clear the palate.

I don’t read opinion pieces, just about ever, but this one was making the Facebook rounds earlier.

Again, haven’t and won’t read this, can someone tell me if it is Kristoff basically saying he wants religious leaders to conform to what he wants them to do, and that this is “the right way to about things”, even though he would not join a church anyway?

The Ethicist still sucks.

I can has clambake?

The Book Review didn’t have anything good. Kinda disappointed the sequel to “Push” is not that good.

You can only feel sorry for the Ugandan Little League team. Really surprised immigration didn’t try to work with them. I mean it is a unique one-off event that wouldn’t lead to precedent (I wouldn’t think) and would be great PR.

I’m a deacon in the First Church of Belichick so I won’t question him yet I can’t get over Chad Ochocinco joining the Pats. I mean, sure he and Brady (in whom we trust) tamed Randy Moss but man…Chad’s a different beast and you have Albert Hayensworth now…I don’t know man. Dude can work wonders so we’ll see.

And go buy the paper, FFS.


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  1. JMPrince says:

    Another day, another reminder we know little of history, and/or forget much of it. More on the secrets of Aug 6th here via Greg Mitchell’s Blog: ‘Pressing Issues’. Look for the vid clip. Some of the issues were covered by the old (1946) ABCC too, however.


  2. JMPrince says:

    This will have to suffice for ‘good news’ & ‘traffic’ on the day:

    “Most of Newt Gingrich’s Twitter Followers Are Fake”:


  3. JMPrince says:

    A comprehensive view of the debt ceiling crisis like you’ve never seen: ‘Our Ongoing Nullification Crisis’ for the Cartersville Patch