So — many of us have been very busy for the past several weeks, and are even busier this week…  some of us just don’t have much to say.

Nathan Deal has been raising money to defend the Governor’s seat in 2014, anybody want to start some wild rumors about what Democrat might challenge him?

Sanford Bishop might be the only Democrat in Georgia to come out of the 2011 redistricting cycle in better shape than he went into it…  but of course that spells bad news for John Barrow and any Democrat considering challenging Austin Scott.

Cobb County is already represented by 3 Congressmen.  One map featured at Peach Pundit puts us into 4 districts and some jerk up at Columbia has us in 5 different Congressional districts!  By the time all this map craziness is over I might have clawed my eyes out.

The UK has quite the scandal going on, and I fear we face months of revelations coming out regarding these issues.

If you have any friends in Georgia House District 113, remind them they can early vote for Dan Matthews this week, or go vote for him on election day, July 19th.

Our friends over at WIN List are throwing a “Welcome Back” happy hour for new DPG Executive Director Page Gleason on Wednesday, and the Young Democrats of Cobb County have their monthly happy hour on Thursday.

What else is going on?


5 Responses to We’re Still Alive! Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    We lost the great NC fiddler & national treasure Benton Flippen at 91, June 28. Here he is teaching you his style on YouTube:

    A perfectly lovely & lively old gent, active to his dying days. ‘Benton’s dream’ was to pass on all that he knew to others to pass along too. Also heavily involved in the Music Maker Relief Foundation. Lost of stuff up on youtube & his Myspace too. JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    More on the ‘Great economic Sort’ in voting behaviors:

    “Rise in risk inequality helps explain polarized US voters”:

    I’m not sure I buy all of it, but it’ll probably be seen @ the top 1st. JMP

  3. JMPrince says:

    Found: Original APS tests before corrections, the Discards:

    (Not really…)

  4. JMPrince says:

    Dust Bowl 2 or 3.0, w/ extreme drought conditions, centering around a southern swath from NM & TX to Ga. & Fl. But it’s Not Global warming! But it is about the warmest summer on record in Ga. Save for last year. Nothing to see here, move (shuffle) along.


  5. Steve Golden says:

    I’m done speculating on the maps. 98% of them are absolutely inane (like one that suggested that Bishop could take Laurens County to mitigate the possibility that DuBose would run against Scott. Anyone who thinks that Cobb will be divided any more than 3 ways is out of their mind, and frankly I think it might just go between 2 different people– Gingrey and David Scott. Frankly, I think Price might just leave Cobb, but that’s just a guess.

    The main point– most of the guesses I’ve seen are absolute drivel.