They are here. (PDF)

Have at it.


15 Responses to Congressional Maps

  1. Jen B. says:

    This will be kinda interesting, as Buckhead Republicans aren’t like Cherokee County Republicans. And Buckhead Republicans will have the money. I wonder if Gingrey will do any political shifting in the future.

    • Jen B. says:

      Just as an example, I’m thinking of transportation. Cherokee County Republicans LOVE more roads and road-widening; whereas, Buckhead Republicans will understand that’s not feasible. You can’t just widen W. Paces Ferry, Peachtree or Piedmont. (I’m thinking of federal funding for transit here.)

  2. ire says:

    We did. *narrowly*

  3. MelGX says:

    It looks like we narrowly missed being in the 11th. At least I hope we did. That would be miserable.

  4. sndeak says:

    F’d up as a soup sandwich. A state which is between 43-47% Democratic is gonna end up with a 10-4 Republican delegation.

  5. Jen B. says:

    Ugh. Phil Gingrey is my new Representative. J.M. Prince and I will form a new “anti-Gingrey” initiative on BfD. On the other hand, he’s no worse than Price.

    Also, this “Public Arrest Record” ad to the right is freaking me out.

    • Ed says:

      I’m glad I am not the only one who gets that ad.

    • Steve Golden says:

      Jen, I believe you will need to welcome me in as well. It looks like he got my part of Cobb.

    • Trevor Southerland says:

      Gingrey is and stays my Rep. under these maps… sigh…

    • JMPrince says:

      Yeah, we’ve got folks working with myself & others to make certain Gingrey does not go unchallenged this year. You’re welcome to join the effort, as is anyone else.

      Looking at it, the maps are quite the hash to carve out a 14th Dist for some yet to be named RW Wonder (Chip Rogers??). And no doubt about it, Phil’s likely not a good fit for Buckhead. Just screwy all around. I’m uncertain if our potential candidates are within the new boundaries either. BTW, never take anything these guys say about anything at face value. Before the session Gingrey was quoted as saying he’d ‘fight for Floyd Co’, and there it is, gone. It’ll all be in the courts for awhile I’m betting.

      In other unrelated sad news Jack Layton, leader of the Official Opposition in Canada has died in Toronto @ 61:

      He led the NDP to their greatest electoral victory in history in May 2011, and now he’s gone. Reading the obit and thinking about about how different political cultures are still north & south, we can forget that once politics was not the total war blood sport that it frequently degenerates to. It’s now lost to the ages, I suspect. JMP

      • Jen B. says:

        I know someone awesome in Bartow Co. that should run, but she’s too smart for that sh-t.

        • JMPrince says:

          Thanks Jen, All we can do is ask. I know a few attorneys who’d be interested, but it’s been awhile since someone made a serious run at it. I call it the infamous ‘rationality paradox’. If you’re really smart & capable enough to fully understand the job, you’d scarcely apply for it, let alone spend a fortune getting there or running for the seat.

          And even on ‘good’ anti-incumbent years, better than 80% of sitting critters manage to get re-elected. It’s fundamentally corrupt to require that a Congressional seat is effectively auctioned off for more than a cool $1Mill in even our smaller media markets. We have enough trouble getting folks who can afford the qualifying fees (or justifying them).