2:00 lively pre- meeting chatter with rep Elena Parent, Rep Simone Bell, and GALEO ED Jerry Gonzalez. Room is filling up.

2:07 Leader Abrams has arrived and is working the room. Crowd is quieting to a low hum as the committee takes their places.

2:10 meeting is called to order. Alternative room with live feed is announced. A prayer? Really?

2:15 Latecomers are cranky about lack of available space. SOS requested time to make a presentation, but didn’t show. Onto redistricting presentation from Chairman Lane.

2:25 chairman Lane explaining the Voting Rights Act. Precious.

2:50 Annnnd… The questions begin.

2:55 These men keep saying “One man one vote” then quickly correct themselves. Methinks they would prefer the former.

3:05 I want to ask “How did you make Fulton County look like a giant north facing arrow?”

3:15 Chairman Lane declared that “the entire committee’s fingerprints are on these maps”. Several Democrats on the committee assure us that is not the case.

3:25 Chairman Lane assures Democrats being “paired” that “it hurts us”. Riiiiight!

3:35 Can they possibly believe that this has been a “open & transparent” process?

Oh my goodness! A 9/11 reference.


2 Responses to GA House hearing on redistricting begins! Live blogging now.

  1. Tim says:

    Did anyone get Leader Adams knockdown speech on camera?

  2. Gunner says:

    Thanks for the live blog for those of us who couldn’t make it to the Capitol today!