A fascinating look behind the scenes of the GAGOP’s plan to purge white Democrats from our ranks:

As a military veteran who served 12 years, a lawyer who has practiced 13 years, and an elected official for a year, I’m familiar with battle lines, strategy and targeting. Yet, I have rarely been as stunned by naked ambition as I was when I visited the state Reapportionment Office in July. That day, I learned that I had no legislative map to view because they claimed not to know my home address. The claim was patently ridiculous. After all, my address had been turned in numerous times, is on the Georgia House of Representatives’ own website and could have been provided with a single call. But that was just the beginning.

Go read Op-Ed from Rep. Scott Holcomb in Friday’s AJC

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6 Responses to GAGOP presides over the resegregation of Georgia

  1. JMPrince says:

    And if we’re playing with templates, can I put in a perennial request of a daily Open Thread? Thanks! JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    Very well put Scott and this is why we’ve always liked the man. As I told our public hearings in Cartersville, I’d much rather have a bunch of 5th graders do the reapportionment as a homework assignment. No matter how venal, or how malicious their imaginations might run riot, they’d not be anywhere near as profoundly mendaciously wicked as to come up with this BS product.

    That was not my original idea, but one suggested by a local attorney by way of example, to not break apart communities. One of our local Leg. members protested this to me & talked about how they’d do a ‘credible job’. I said I doubted it, and would easily be more trusting of the random 5th graders. I’d have more faith in their sense of wisdom, justice & moderation, and therein lies a tale. Let’s hope it’s in the courts for awhile, after a quick but durable injunction. Just like last time too. JMP

  3. griftdrift says:


    • SweetPea says:

      If you can’t take the hyperbole, get out of the kitchen.

    • Steve Golden says:

      “Racial segregation is the separation of humans into racial groups in daily life.”

      Don’t know where that definition says that there have to be more or less places where racially-alike people can be segregated.

      And yes, it’s a hyperbole, but it’s relatively apt.

    • Ed says: