So first off–my roommate Ali and her fiancee Ben are gettin’ hitched today. Congrats! Also, Chitwood’s birthday is today. He is old.

A little pro tip for you travelers. Do not heed any TSA warnings about gels and toiletries. I realized after literally dozens of trips in small, medium and large airports going abroad, domestic whatever, I always have big containers of stuff exceeding the prescribed 3 oz limit, and my one quart bag is never removed for screening. Times I’ve been caught: zero. Fuck you TSA and your bullshit, ineffectual procedures wasting tax dollars.

Today’s paper was not was exciting as others. However, all the front page stories were great.

Deadliest day in Afghanistan chronicled.

Part one of a great wrap up of the S&P fiasco.

The “War on Drugs” is probably an utter and total failure at this point. However, drug trafficking in Mexico needs to be fought and hopefully this leads to a peaceful Mexico.

Good news in Somalia.

With protest in Israel growing, is it safe to say all of North Africa, the Near and Middle East is caught in a spirit of revolt that is crossing all sectarian and political lines? What I think is most interesting is not that there is a political sea change that shows no boundaries, but that in contrast to history, it seems good (or at least not as bad) governments will come as the result of revolutions.

There is too much coverage of the horse race element of the presidential campaign. That really is the most boring form of politics.

A brief yet fascinating sidebar on the groundskeeper for the White Sox.

I’m probably the only person who couldn’t care one way or the other about Gov. Perry’s prayer-palooza.

A world first: China’s policy guides to the U.S. ought to be heeded.

“What happened” to Obama is that he was never what either the left nor the right has made him out to be.

Geoffrey Gray is spot on about the D.B. Cooper mystery–we don’t want it solved. Mystery is what makes these stories so great and we want to be thrilled, it is kind of a human desire. It was, IIRC, in part two of Kushner’s “Angels in America” where the activity in heaven is playing card games because all knowledge is revealed there, yet you never know what will happen with cards.

So it is cheaper to buy a pre-paid SIM Card when you go overseas for your mobile phone? The things some dudes have to be told.

Liberals won’t like the next few years of the SCOTUS, Emily Brazelon writes.

Why do they even bother to publish The Ethicist any more? Seriously. Re-run Bill Sapphire’s columns. Those were great and worth reading again.

This lady is cool.

Book Review was meh.

Sports section was good.

Shout out to the most famous North Atlanta High School Warrior: Ru Paul!



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