No, Tim Echols, it was more than “a mistake.”

During his campaign, Echols made a point to say that he would “Protect the free market environment for household movers, limousine service and charter bus companies who fall under the PSC for regulation while at the same time set price limits to protect GA consumers from gouging.” (It’s near the bottom and screen-captured for whoever wants to run against him in the future.)

But how does that square with his intention to: “spot check limousines that are serving patrons and professionals to make sure that these limousines are properly registered with the state of Georgia?”

Yeah, everyone’s a free market conservative until they want to abuse their office to get Master’s tickets.


8 Responses to “It was a mistake.”

  1. gunner says:

    @steve please consider your last comment offically “liked”.

  2. Steve Golden says:

    The sad thing is that none of us here are surprised. Oh, Nathan Deal, the crook, has rendered the State Ethics Commission completely impotent? Right in the midst of their investigation of him? Tim Echols blatantly lied to the people of Georgia, and then tries to abuse his office and title to get free things? Chip Rogers and his ilk get away with fraudulent loans that no other Georgians could?

    Welcome to the Republican Regime.

  3. gunner says:

    Maybe its because he asked for tickets. Should have said badges. Augusta national doesn’t like calling them tickets. He can go with me if he likes. Of course I will only let him use the badge for a couple of hours.

    • EGaluszka says:

      Don’t be absurd. He don’t need no badges.

      • Jen B. says:

        Actually, no. They’re officially referred to as tickets by the officially titled Masters Tournament Ticket Office. See: “The random selection for Daily Tournament Tickets will take place after the June 30th application deadline and all applicants will be notified, mid July, when the process is completed.”

        Little known fact about me: I’ve put in for daily and practice round tickets for the last few years.

        • gunner says:

          Keep trying. You will get them. I used to work there part time when I lived in Augusta. A lot of folks have a few different friends/family members put in for them every year with the understanding that the will share the tickets if someone gets them. If President Eisenhower couldn’t get a tree cut down there I doubt Echols can score some front row seats. He should have written that letter to Georgia Power.

          • Jen B. says:

            Yeah, my parents actually got them about five years ago.. so I won’t say it’s totally rigged. Only slightly!

  4. Ed says:

    This is a solid post, Jen.

    Even the Peach Punidteers are pillorying him.