Mayor: Unofficial Final tally Ellis 9,770 Reichert 10,307

Congratulations Mayor Reichert

Special Senate Election 71% of the precincts reporting: Lucas 8,549 Paris 10,333

Congratulations Senator Elect Miriam Paris.

I hope that all the bad blood, name calling and nasty mailers can now take a rest till at least next spring.


Paris defeats Lucas for state Senate District 26 seat

Former City Council President Miriam Paris defeated former state Rep. David Lucas for the state Senate District 26 seat in Tuesday’s run-off election.

Paris finished the night with an unofficial tally of 12,950 votes to Lucas’s 10,220



2 Responses to Macon Run-Off Results

  1. Tim says:

    This is the best political news I’ve heard all day!! awesome work to my friends in Macon who worked so hard on these campaigns.

  2. DFI Chairwoman says:

    Paging Sen. Elect Paris.. I need a word