I’ve got several legislators on a “Google News Alert” and sometimes the strangest things arrive in in my inbox.

This morning I  have an alert about Matt Dollar, my representative in Cobb. Which is interesting since I almost never get anything about him. He’s one elected official who manages to stay completely off the radar. So I’m reading this article about our “esteemed” Cobb School board, and I swear I can’t tell if the writer is typing the whole thing with his eyes rolled up into his head. I double check, yep it’s the MDJ alright, not exactly a bastion of wit, sarcasm or progressive thought. Could it be that even they see the emperor has no clothes? Again, I can’t tell and I’ve read the thing twice.

Just a couple snippets:

Given Banks’ shaky record for veracity, I wonder if he told the truth in the email he sent or if we might soon expect Hill to deny involvement. Since it is now rumored that Hill is considering running for the job left vacant by the recent, tragic loss of state Rep. Bobby Franklin, it would be politically advantageous for him to distance himself from tainted goods destined for the trash heap.

Or this:

In so many ways, Banks has proven to be less than trustworthy. Recall his flip-flop on the calendar issue in November of 2009. Remember his infamous ride on the school bus the first day of school last year and his pronouncement that the temperature on the bus was comfortable? This year he made the proclamation that all the buses should be air conditioned.

If my grandfather were around, his comment would probably be, “That feller is real careless with the way he handles the truth.”

Oh snap!

I think you all should read it and tell me what you think.

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