Dear Sirs:

I would like to commend you for the stellar, bang-up work you guys are doing lately.

DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Tangela Barrie took a parental tone with the feuding board of the Georgia Young Republicans Friday, telling both sides, in effect, to  use your words.

It was the second time in seven days the parties had appeared before her to work out a simmering disagreement between the leaders of the club over access to the group’s financial records.

What’s brought about their litigious nature?

Club leaders are accusing former chairman Jason Shepherd of being unreasonable in his demands for records. Meanwhile, Shepherd strongly suggested current chairman Cameron Fash has misappropriated money from the group.

Seriously, well done.

You’re taking each other to court over what probably totals $1000. The expense to track that amount is assuredly orders of magnitude greater. Why you did this as opposed to say, requesting national to force the state chapter to open it’s books* is beyond me, but hey, to each his or her own, right?

I say this from the bottom of my heart, and in as sincere a way as possible: I truly hope people like you take over the Georgia and national political parties and you don’t change your ways. Nothing but good can come about from that.


PS: This was only nominally in the form of a letter. Sue me.
PPS: On second thought–don’t do that.
PPPS: FWIW, no one I’ve come across when discussing Shepperd has anything nice to say about him.
PPPPS: I know you youngbloods will probably never sent nor received a letter and you definitely have never learned letter writing etiquette (quick primer: there’s a bunch, it is very important and rigorously codified) but is very rude to put in more than two postscripts, and even getting to the second is pushing it.

*I know this can be done in many organizations, it would stand to reason the the Young American Foundation would have such authority. Also maybe they’ve made the request. IRDK or C.


7 Responses to Open Letter to the Georgia Young Republicans

  1. Tom Crawford says:

    The question that remains unasked is: Would it be appropriate to refer to the faction supporting Cameron Fash as “Fash-ists”? Do they believe in “Fash-ism”?

    I’m just raising the question.

  2. jules says:

    Is this the same nucklehead that wanted to sue all of y’all?

    I guess these young’uns never took Regans pledge about not dissing other GOPers in public.

  3. J.M. Prince says:

    Easily more outrageous and definitely more consequential, the ultimate Rethug disaster ‘relief’ response:

    And it just sailed by most people too. Ho Hum. JMP