By now you have seen, or certainly heard all about, the proposed redistricting maps.  It’s a gloomy picture for Democrats in Georgia.  However, now is not the time to give up.  Democratic Caucus leader Stacey Abrams is reaching out to all Democrats to act diligently and persistently during the Special Session that starts tomorrow.

1.  Show up at the Gold Dome this week.  Each day we’ll gather at 9:30 AM to voice our objections to the proposed maps and to lobby legislators.  Monday we’ll be at the front steps of City Hall.  Each day after we’ll be on the Capitol steps.

2. Call you legislators, Democrats or Republicans, and let them know that this is not what Georgia wants.

3. Tell your friends, post to Facebook, blast your Georgia email list, and tweet regularly.

3. Attend the Hope and Unity Rally on Monday, August 22nd on the step of the Gold Dome.

4. Join this Facebook Group to keep up-to-date on activities.

And, last but certainly not least, tune in to Kudzu Vine on Blog Talk Radio tonight to hear Representative Stacey Abrams discuss the importance of unity and visibility on this issue.

We must be unified and outspoken about the proposed maps.  You can have an impact.  Let your voice be heard.  And loudly.


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