John Barrow’s toughest race ever just got started.

Conservative State Representative Lee Anderson has filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to run for the 12th Congressional District covering east Georgia.

Anderson, a Columbia County native, long time conservative local elected official, lifelong farmer, and established businessman is popular with agriculture leaders, grassroots Republicans and Tea Party leaders across the district. A formal campaign kick off event will be announced soon for later in September. A temporary campaign website has been launched at

Said Anderson, “Because of the encouragement from community leaders, business leaders, friends, and family, I have decided to run for the 12th Congressional District. We need a leader in our nation’s capitol who won’t back down from doing what’s right. We need fewer DC politicians and more honest leadership and hometown values. I’m tired of the politicians in DC who say one thing and do another. It’s time for a leader who will do what they say they will do.”

The rest of the press release is full of the same meaningless political tripe you can expect, but it is likely a very strong narrative.

However, Barrow’s greatest liability will likely be this:

Don't steal my photo, bro.



One Response to Barrow Gets a Challenger

  1. BEZERKO says:

    Funny you mentioned John Barrow,

    The best thing to do when people label you sometimes is to embrace the label. That old playbook of winning local elections by distancing yourself from the national party doesn’t work anymore. Like the playbook for the wishbone offense, it should be thrown out!