The 9/11 anniversary coverage was beyond exceptional. Some of the writing at times was a bit cliche (in fact, many of today’s story were kind of trite) but whatever. That’s to be expected today. For me at least, the big thing about 9/11 is that I still can’t comprehend what happened 10 years ago. The evil that was done, the loss of life, the shock the repercussions and costs…they are all are so far beyond comprehension for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not filled with sorrow or empathy for those who lost loved ones. Just I still can’t, and likely won’t make sense of what happened. I was young when it happened so I certainly wasn’t able to process the shock and greatest opportunity for impact passed. Don’t know if that makes any sense.

Anyway, this is a pretty touching article.

Israel is in a bit of a pickle. Oy. “The diplomatic crisis, in which winds unleashed by the Arab Spring are now casting a chill over the region, was crystallized by the scene of Israeli military jets sweeping into Cairo at dawn on Saturday to evacuate diplomats after the Israeli Embassy had been besieged by thousands of protesters.” That’s actually a pretty stupid and overwrought sentence.

Is there any precedence for a piece of fiction being used as legal precedence? I mean, I get that there is more to the argument than “Just look to ‘1984’”, but still. Legal beagles please enlighten. Also, I think the main difference, philosophically at least, between GPS tracking and regular surveillance is that it is also quite easy to make mistakes and lose the target, ending the government’s search. With GPS that isn’t possible. Then of course you get a much broader picture of the subject from GPS that would exceed the boundaries of what the government was originally looking for.

Obama will be re-elected. Not even going to worry about that race.

This is some good news out of Iraq. The impact of the decree remains to be seen. I fear it won’t be much.

Local color like this is what makes the New York Times great. In the end the individual story doesn’t matter but it is part of very thorough national reporting. And it is just cool.

Never heard of Leonard Retel Helmrich before but I hope Videodrome has some of his DVDs in stock. After reading about his “impossible camera angles” I’m making a b-line to the store.

Some neat DVDs out this week and a pretty cool discussion of the new 3-D film technology.

The artwork for this was just stunning. It can’t translate to a computer screen. In fact, the excellent cover isn’t even reproduced online. So go buy the paper.

FFS. The save record is in no way whatsoever, shape or fashion, how slice it dice it or look at it underrated. It is one of the most useless and overrated stats in baseball. If you want to argue otherwise you fundamentally misunderstand the game. All it shows is that Mariano Rivera played for a long time on a bunch of really good teams. NOTHING. ELSE. I mean look, Everyone knows Rivera is a great pitcher. The saves record doesn’t and won’t tell anything about him that we didn’t already know.

“The Reckoning” section was excellent. I won’t link to it for a couple reasons. A) There isn’t a single link for the section that I can find. B) Much of how it is presented was designed to be read in a hard copy. C) Because of that you should go buy the paper.


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  1. Ed says:

    Email me with your questions.

  2. JMPrince says:

    Clear as mud now ED. There’s only 2 cites above & one correction/clarification above. Is that ‘unduly burdensome’? Troubling? If so, how so? Is it the content you object to or the person making the posts? Are 3 comments in ~12 hours too much to bear? And if you’ve got rules that perhaps apply to everyone, why not post them? Thanks, JMP

  3. JMPrince says:

    Solid post from Z on the Cost of Wars via TP here: The $1.2 Trillion Trap:


  4. JMPrince says:

    Just to clarify, that piece by former Clinton Labor Sec. Robert Reich was in the Times last Sunday, it did not make it ‘Inside the Times’, for whatever reason. JMP

  5. JMPrince says:

    MIA from Last Sunday’s Times 9/4/11, a worthy notice by Robert Reich on ‘The Great Prosperity, 1947-1977 vs the Great Regression, 1981-Present’ in an excellent series of yes, Simple graphs any HS student should be able to grasp. Here done in vivid color by The Big Picture Blog telling us how we got here, again:

    Shorter story? Sorry kids, Ronnie Reagan blew up the world before you got there! JMP