For today’s Top Ten List… the most vulnerable Democrats!

Here is the copied list from the GAGOP Command and Outreach Center Peach Pundit and their chief nerd, Mark Rountree. Many of the names won’t surprise.

Rank            District            Democrat Incumbent                   Republican Average Ideal

#1.            16                        Rick Crawford                                         72.84%

#2.            12                        Barbara Massey Reece                          72.44%

#3.            137                      Debbie Buckner                                       56.41%

#4.            81                        Elena Parent/Scott Holcomb             55.32%

#5.            145                      Rusty Kidd                                                 54.30%

#6.            132                      Carl Von Epps                                         53.49%

#7.            41                         Terry Johnson                                         53.19%

#8.            96                         Pedro Marin                                            51.25%

#9.           64                         Virgil Fludd                                             46.00%

#10.            128                    Sistie Hudson/Mack Jackson            45.31%

While there was some discussion in the comments on yesterday’s thread about the accuracy of identifying the most vulnerable GOPers, I have to say this is probably correct. It is also worth mentioning that, as Rountree notes, “most vulnerable” does not mean they are politically endangered, the ranking “is simply a mathematical formula that determines how strong or weak a district is compared to all the other districts in the state.”

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4 Responses to Most Vulnerable Democrats

  1. Jen B. says:

    How is Doug Stoner not on here? I believe his district is now 55% Republican.

  2. Ed says:

    Also, by “Most Vulnerable Democrats” I mean the most vulnerable non-Republicans.