This is certainly something everyone (except, I’m guessing, Tim Echols and whatever hangers-on he may have) can get on board with.

When Tim Echols campaigned for the position of Public Service Commissioner, he pledged not to take so much as a cup of coffee from those he sought to regulate or their lobbyists. Less than one year into the job, Echols has charged state taxpayers for travels across the state which conveniently coincide with family events or just good times like Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

He “requested” Masters tickets on his official office letterhead. When the request went unanswered, Echols announced a sting operation to catch unlicensed limousines at Augusta National in apparent retribution. The club clearly did not recognize his need to greet everyday Georgians who inhabit Butler Cabin and their need to know about alternative fuels or the mission of the PSC.

Echols has even planned to travel to France to study their nuclear energy program but has decided that trip would be paid for by campaign funds rather than you and I. Echols, apparently forgetting about his pious campaign promises, has a campaign war chest buttressed with lobbyist’s money. Clearly, receiving a cup of coffee was the least voters should have been concerned with when electing Echols.

Who said bi-partisanship was dead?


6 Responses to Recall Tim Echols

  1. I do a post on Mr. Echols on 9-8. I get this on 9-13. Boy do I feel that I have been put in my place:

    Stephen M. said…
    Printing rubbish like this, if you would concentrate on the things that he is actually trying to accomplish, such as ensuring that Limo companies operate legally – which is his responsibility as the Transportation chair – so that those companies that do operate legally aren’t being undercut by these rogue companies. Its also dangerous for those that travel with these companies, form the millionaire big time golfers, to the 18 year old prom dates. Unlicensed, uninsured transport companies are the leading cause of accident and death in this industry. So I guess that means we should be sorry that he was trying to make sure those things don’t happen.

    On top of that, Echols is one of the most in touch and well informed legislators from all of his travels across the state. He did this in his own CNG vehicle, hoping to save the state money, resources, as well as advocating for cleaner American fuel.

    You know, the PSC has a legal enforcement arm. You know how many officers they have to enforce GA policy across the state? Two. For the whole STATE! So what does Tim Echols do, he gets out of his cushy office (Where Lauren McDonald, Chuck Eaton, Stan Wise, and Doug Everett spend considerable time on their lobbyist padded pockets sucking the state dry and doing absolutely nothing at the same time) Echols said that asking for the Master’s tickets was improper, can’t you let it go and commend his honesty? Seriously, I understand that you had to sink to the level of writing negative press because it sells and is probably the only way you can get people to read your blog…but you are just maintaining the status quo for the media, conservative or liberal.

    I am tired of people like you, and am thankful for Echols being transparent. Notice he didn’t try to hide the letters he sent, nor did he try to excuse his actions. He owned up, and now no good deed goes unpunished. I had forgotten that we punished honesty in America…does that make you weak now? You’ll see those expenses come way down at the next reporting period, you know why? Because he’s taking a state car now, that uses Middle Eastern fossil fuels, paying people who hate us, so that he can satisfy the uniformed public and the hateful media.

    Thanks for keeping up the corruption, with your help, we can keep good men from high office in Georgia. This kind of press makes those in power chose between Perception Vs. Principle. Guess what their going to chose? That’s right, the one that doesn’t damage their reputation, why can’t you help men like this preserve their reputation?

    Don’t let your pride get in the way of considering what I have said, read it twice. Be different, and help make this state a better place by considering your facts.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    It’s perhaps one of only a few areas where the Tea Party and I can agree.

  3. Ed says:

    It should be appointed, TBH.

    • EGaluszka says:

      I can’t think of a better way to combat corruption than to have a stand-up guy like Nathan Deal appoint someone to the PSC.

      • Ed says:

        Dude, he already gets numerous appointments to far more important spots. But also, come one, this is a group of fairly well-educated voters (certainly ones who are well above the mean but that’s not saying much about the mean) and I can guarantee few of us have any idea what actually makes a good PSC member.

        This on top of the dozens of other jobs we vote on and are ill-equipped to make a sound decision about.

  4. Jen B. says:

    PSC should be non-partisan. And yes, I’d sign a recall petition.