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March From Troy Davis Park to Peachtree and Pine

Meet at Troy Davis Park at 5 pm, march to the Task Force for the Homeless site at Peachtree and Pine. Bring signs, bring yourselves, bring your will to change the world.

General Assembly will meet tonight at 8 pm at Centennial Park


I’m not so sure this “occupation” will last near as long as the last one.  Just an inkling.


22 Responses to From the Facebooks: Occupy Atlanta to Press On

  1. Eric says:

    Hey all… the enemy is over there, not over here.

  2. GAPolitico says:

    As it turns out Steve, not everyone in Selma agreed on the message, nor the methods.
    “I want Dr. King to know that I didn’t come to Selma to make his job difficult. I really did come thinking I could make it easier. If the white people realize what the alternative is, perhaps they will be more willing to hear Dr. King.”

    Dr. King on Malcolm X:
    “You know, right before he was killed he came down to Selma and said some pretty passionate things against me, and that surprised me because after all it was my territory there. But afterwards he took my wife aside, and said he thought he could help me more by attacking me than praising me. He thought it would make it easier for me in the long run.”

  3. ire says:

    “A well-respected national-international movement”


    Also, it is worth pointing out that the movement is called “Occupy [XXXXX]”, therefore putting occupation in quotes is appropriate.

  4. Sara says:

    I’ve been wondering when they’d decide to pick a new spot to occupy. I doubt it will be the Federal Reserve building, though.

    Centennial Olympic Park is owned by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority.

  5. griftdrift says:

    They are saying they are going somewhere outside the Mayors jurisdiction.

    It’s going to be really funny if they try to occupy the Fed. I think they’ll find Federal processing isn’t nearly as swift as city.

    • Steve says:

      Who owns Centennial? I don’t actually know the answer to that…

      • Holmes says:

        The Wikipedia article on Centennial Olympic Park says that the Georgia World Congress Center owns and operates the park.

        I guess that means GWCC police or even GSP might be the ones with arrest powers at that location.

        • Steve says:

          Thanks for the intel (you too, Sara). I wasn’t sure, but I’d guess GSP? I’m not too confident Governor Deal will be as forgiving as even Kasim Reed was.

          • Sara says:

            Atlanta police can still arrest anyone trespassing on state property after the 11:00p.m. close of the park, I believe. Certainly the GWCCA can request the arrest of people remaining after that time, and either APD or the GSP can fulfill the request. The Centennial Olympic Park website has an application form for all events to be held in the park, including vigils and protests, so presumably the “no permit” issue will still be a problem for them and the same rules will apply as did at Woodruff Park.

            I support the Occupy crew, but the law on these sorts of things is pretty clear. If public property has an established close time and a permit process for public gatherings and protests, those are content neutral restrictions on the time place and manner of public speech in those fora that are going to be enforced by the courts. The only time cities and states really get into trouble with kicking out protestors is if they set restrictions that appear geared to prohibit or limit only certain types of speech, or if they deny a properly requested permit with no good reason where it appears likely the reason is the content of the speech that would occur during the event. They can deny a permit here by saying that camping out or remaining in the park after 11pm is never permitted. This isn’t even a close call.

  6. Zaid says:

    “Occupation” in quotations, really, Steve? A well-respected national-international movement, doing the mocking thing isn’t going to help grow the prog blogosphere’s presence/power in GA

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for the attack, Zaid. Very kind of you.

      I put it in quotations because I don’t actually know what the term is called. Frankly, I think occupation had a bit of a negative connotation, so I air quoted it to give it less of one. But no, go ahead and baselessly attack me, just because we disagree. But that’s beside the point.

      • Anon says:

        This is going to be like HOPE isn’t it, where you supported the changes until they became some obviously wrong that you changed your mind.

        • Steve says:

          Anon, if that is your real name, do you wake up in the morning and try to figure out ways to smear fellow Democrats? I’m just wondering, because if not, I’m wondering why you are grossly and offensively mischaracterizing what I said regarding the HOPE Scholarship earlier this year. I’m not going to rehash what I actually said and what I did, and continue to, believe. But if you’d like to go ahead and put words in my mouth that I would never utter, please, go ahead. And tell my (gorgeous and fantastic) girlfriend I said those things as well. You know, the girlfriend that, because of the HOPE changes, is paying between $1000-$2000 more for her education each semester.

          You know, there’s a difference between ideology and political pragmatism. When you come to grips with the fact that some people (myself included) grapple with both, come back and talk to me. Until then, at least have some cojones to use your real name when you spread lies about a fellow Democrat.

          • Anon says:

            You don’t have to, I have the s teen shots, old friend

          • Jake says:

            Screen shots*

            • ire says:

              Stalker says what.

            • Steve says:

              That’s fantastically mature of you, Anon/Jake, to take screenshots. Good to know you wanted to use my words against me. What words were those, pray tell. I’m wondering what I apparently believed! Do you mean the fact that I believed that the Republicans would actually negotiate in good faith with the Democrats?

              No, because you’d have everyone here believe that I was in favor of making cuts to the HOPE scholarship, wouldn’t you? And, with that final vote, I’ll add, how did I fall? Maybe you can misrepresent me some more?!

              • Trevor Southerland says:

                I’ll say this about Steve Golden, he isn’t afraid to run from the title Georgia Liberal… But some folks sadly are, guess “Anon” probably wouldn’t know anything about that.

                Also, I seem to remember speaking along side Steve Golden, Vincent Fort and a host of others at a HUGE rally to save the HOPE scholarship and funding for higher education in Georgia back in 2009.

                • GApolitico says:

                  We changed the name of the blog to appeal to a larger audience. We like to expand our audience.

                  Furthermore, Steve was a stronger supporter of the Abrams proposal. We denounced it the day it came out. We don’t take out cues, we think for ourselves. It takes more guts to be against something before it becomes unpopular.

                • GAPolitico says:

                  No one said you were for the cuts Steve, however, you were a strong cheerleader (not an uncommon role for you) for a proposal because it was sponsored by a Democratic member. We led the charge against the proposal the day it came out.

                  You need to learn that if you truly want to serve the party, you will do more than fall in line behind causes, beliefs, and legislation, that are sponsored by a democrat in name and start falling behind causes, beliefs, and legislation that support us as Democrats.

                  “We” got a seat at the bargaining table with HOPE – and every one of our amendments got shot down. Students got robbed, Republicans got cover. The only thing Democrats got out of that “bargain” was the fact that our Minority Leader’s name is on it. What a great seat at the table we had.

                  Stand up for OA, OWS, and quit belittling people you are too afraid to support because it might make you slightly unpopular to a certain segment.

    • Anon says:


      Please, don’t start calling us progs. Progressives or Liberals… but for the love of Malcolm X, don’t call us progs. Sounds like something Captain Kirk would fight off.