Dear Occupy Wall Street Atlanta,

You seem to be under the impression that the Atlanta progressives are laughing at ya’ll, well we aren’t. Ok I can’t lie…yeah we are laughing at ya’ll. We’re laughing for one simple reason – this is the South and we do things differently. Ask any nonprofit organization in Atlanta how often a “national model” has worked in Atlanta – probably only 5%. Why? Cause we do things differently.

First, we are a community. Like it or not we are. So if you want the community to stand with you then you have to show some kind of leadership. This does not mean that there must be 1 leader, but there kinda has to be some people we kinda know.  Some people we kinda know who have led a cause/movement for more than 5 minutes. You just aren’t going to get community folks to stand with you if no one knows who is leading them down the road. You just aren’t to get Atlanta folks to stand with ya if the person(s) has only been in Atlanta for 5 minutes screaming at the top of their lungs. Not gonna happen. Like it or not that’s how we roll in the Dirty South.

Secondly, Atlanta is a rural community with an awesome PR firm. Meaning that everyone knows everyone. For example if you wanted to talk to the Mayor then you would follow proper Southern etiquette and call someone who has his phone number.  After that person gives you Mayor Reed’s phone number they will immediately call Mayor Reed and tell him that you are now in possession of his number and will be calling him. The Mayor will then be expecting you to call him to discuss your platform, demands, and negotiations in a private setting. Instead, ya’ll went on the Ustream to have some kind of misguided and incoherent consensus discussion about your demands. What Mayor is going to really take ya’ll serious when one of the general assembly people does a mic check saying “the Mayor should provide free health care to those who can’t afford it”? The Mayor of Atlanta is named Mohammed Kasim Reed…not THE MOHAMMED.

In the South, we respect our elders. This isn’t to say you must kiss the ring of every Atlanta elder (we have our share of cray-cray elders), but you should learn from those who have (and still are) fighting the man. Did ya’ll forget that Atlanta is the birthplace of the Civil Rights? How you gonna roll up into Atlanta and not consult with our Civil Rights elders…dumb…dumb…dumb. By now, ya’ll have learned from the Congressman John Lewis fiasco and should now be outreaching to other elders in the community. Here’s a tip: there isn’t one Atlanta politician or police department personnel that will remove an Atlanta Civil Rights Leader from private or public property. I’m just saying that if ya’ll plan on occupying our park for much longer, you might want to find a Civil Rights Leader to camp out next to ya’ll. Just an idea.

Fourthly, race does matter in the South. Of the 99% of Georgians you claim to represent, 40% are people of color. Now how does your message, oh wait you still don’t have a concise one, reflect the problems the 40% are facing. Yeah, doing that whole broad stroke thing…jobs…Wall Street…ain’t gonna do it. Why should any of the 40% march with ya’ll? Why should any of the 40% risk going to jail with ya’ll? Yeah, you need more definitive statements. We’ve heard it all before. That dude in the White House promised some Hope and Change and we are still hoping for just a little change.

Speaking of race, do ya’ll think that the Civil Rights movement progressed without including other races? Nope. Do ya’ll think the Civil Rights movement progressed without negotiations? So why do ya’ll think that a general assembly with 8 billion demands is going to progress without any negotiations? I’m going to go out on a limb and say “Hell to the No”.  First rule of negotiations, you need some opposition supporters on your side. In this case, and follow the steps from above, you’re going to need some of Mayor Reed’s supporters on your side. While ya’ll were consensus deciding on what to ask from the Mayor, he was probably meeting with the Metro Chamber of Commerce trying to figure out how to not make this a publicity nightmare that will hurt tourism. If ya’ll had any of his supporters backing your movement (and I use the word “movement” very loosely) he would have been meeting with them to understand and agree to your demands (if they could even be written into a 1 page bullet point statement). See the difference. Probably not so I will type this really slow. Mayor Reed has donors, friends, and other politicians that he listens to who actually support ya’ll so it would be wise to find those people so they can speak on your behalf to him.  Remember Atlanta = rural town.

Go forth OWS Atlanta. Continue using the “national” model and we will continue to mock you. Don’t hate us because you have been forewarned.  Regroup and learn before the media gets bored with ya’ll.  Until then I will continue to watch your Ustream and laugh hysterically.


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  1. ire says:

    FWIW I’ve now been to the original OWS and the Occupy London thing, whatever it is called.

    I will say more later. Maybe.

  2. Speech says:

    huh???? how the hell does one get lost on MARTA going to Lenox mall? There’s a stop listed on the map for the mall.

  3. Jules says:

    Given the PR disaster that was the Occupy Atlanta getting lost on Marta yesterday, here’s where knowing a handful of folding in activism in Atlanta would have helped.

    First, we don’t usually get lost on Marta, second we would have told you that protesting anywhere near Phipps/Lennox aka on private property would get the cops called on you in a second. We couldn’t even park a non partisan Voting Rights/GOTV vehicle in either of these parking lots during a Presidential Election, so yeah.. maybe if you’d not been so quick to reject our establishment asses we would have told you these things.

    Oh and here’s what I don’t get… why didn’t you walk up to the Ritz Carlton 3 blocks from Woodruff Park and protest there? Oh yeah cause I guess someone figured out they would be unamused by that.

    Oh finally the tape over the mouth bullshit is what the anti-choicers do in front of abortion clinics.. not very progressive of you.

    • Jen B. says:

      Jules: We need to OccupyPhipps with our plastic.

      But also, the No H8 campaign (and I think maybe an anti-death penalty group) uses tape on the mouth, so I wouldn’t consider that tactic as anti-progressive.

  4. JMPrince says:

    G, Much the same could easily be said of the occupiers of all those fine fancy buildings in the financial district. And I’m willing to bet that if drug tested randomly, we might have a hard time differentiating between the two sample sets. But hearing NYC banksters whine endlessly about all the rigors of pulling down 330+K/yr for working slightly in excess of 50+ hrs/wk is just downright amusing.

    So’s this BTW: Words to Live by:


  5. Gandalf the Wise says:

    Seems to me the “FLEA” Party is nothing but a bunch of lazy, smelly, thiefin’, Drug Taking ruffians. I wish the cops would evict them!

  6. JMPrince says:

    I think Z is on to something here. It’s good to visit to see for yourself, as much of the media really have their own narratives pre determined. There’s very little truly ‘independent’ reporting from much of anyone anymore. That’s something to recognize. These are not really the ‘dirty hippies’ of yore, and if they are, they’re ancient elders now. But from most of the large sites for ‘occupy…’ there’s likely been a healthy minority participation, (if you care to look closely at more of the pics produced).

    Other useful thoughts and suggestions can be found here from a very prescient & PO’d long term hedgie & econ guy, Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture :

    All good thoughts. And I’m thinking that Paula Deen might be feeding this group after awhile if they keep it peaceful & respectful too. And no, Kos is not the only place to go to hear perpetual whines & snark from Some corners. And yes, some of the best steady & consistent ‘mainstream’ coverage of OWS/NYC is from Bloomberg News. Go Figure. It pays to have inside sources we imagine. JMP

  7. Robert - Atlanta says:

    Uh – I just stumbled in from KOS. I didn’t know we had a Dem blog in The Big A. In fact, I’m still not sure.

    I didn’t expect condescending whining and snarky rambling about what it takes to make it in the Dirty South, whatever that means.

    BTW, Paula Deen is the only one in GA who ends every sentence with y’all and I hate her!

    I think my biggest disappointment in OWS Atlanta, NYC and all over is the total lack of “color” in the crowds. Outside a few homeless guys at Woodruff Park, the Movement has not enjoyed much support from the local AA or Hispanic communities.

    OK, turning away a Civil Rights icon in Atlanta was not very smart. I’m pretty sure it’s the whole independence and leaderless thing – But The Mayor, City Council and the rest need to show some solidarity before its took late.

  8. JMPrince says:

    More efforts at detente and presenting data you can use, again from & about elites w/ lots of simple charts

    “CHARTS: Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…by Henry Blodget”


  9. JMPrince says:

    “I and my public understand each other very well: it does not hear what I say, and I don’t say what it wants to hear”.
    —Karl Kraus

  10. Jen B. says:

    This post kinda illustrates how far BfD has moved in the last 7 years.

    • Anon says:

      What do you mean?

      • Jen B. says:

        “This does not mean that there must be 1 leader, but there kinda has to be some people we kinda know. Some people we kinda know who have led a cause/movement for more than 5 minutes. You just aren’t going to get community folks to stand with you if no one knows who is leading them down the road.”

        Among other things, this is utter bullshit. If we all felt this way seven years ago, we all would have supported Kerry or Gephardt and not “new guy on the scene” Howard Dean. Not all good ideas come from the same establishment characters.

        • Speech says:

          some us did support Kerry over Dean. Yeah wasn’t that much into the “new kid on the block” theory 7 years ago. Then Dean proved himself as a leader with the DNC.

          • Jen B. says:

            That’s all well and good, but the founders of this blog met through the Dean campaign and the name Blog for Democracy is based on Dean’s Democracy for America slogan hence my “how far BfD has moved in the last 7 years.”

    • Jen B. says:

      Unrelated. I find it hilarious that I’m getting Ron Paul ads on the right-hand side.

  11. Mary says:

    I know that OWS made mistakes in Atlanta. I know, everyone knows…can we please move on? Mistakes are made in youth, in ignorance. Honest mistakes that people learn from. If the “movers and shakers” of the DPG would just accept that and realize that there is no guidebook to whom these protesters should genuflect towards before making any moves in Atlanta…then please, publish the requirements somewhere other than here. The fact is many, many Democrats in Georgia, Independents in Georgia feel we need a handbook ourselves. There is a clique. It is counterproductive. It disappoints me to my core. It costs lots of money to be in this clique and I m too old, too smart and do not have time to figure it out, nor do I want to…being well past high school Y’all go ahead and have fun explaining yourselves and why you’re going to “hate” on OWS in Atlanta.I’m just so damned happy someone is in the streets and not everyone in Georgia, even if they are not “real” southerners…is not totally apathetic and dis-empowered. But here is something you clique folks should listen to…You Are Not Getting It!We may not be as cool as you, or have as much money as you, and, astonishingly enough-we may have some of our own priorities due to our own geographic, historic political issues. but we are your best allies and you’d better get that pretty quick or you’ll be rowing this boat by yourself.

  12. JMPrince says:

    Useful & vital Data from & about the elites:

    Facts do matter, eventually. But romance is a forgotten foreign language. Romance about the South died with Phil Harris’ shtick. You could look it up. JMP

  13. riobard says:

    the way you speak makes it clear you know A) absolutely nothing about this movement, b) little about Atlanta and how the south does or does not play into things here, and c) (personal peeve) it’s “y’all” — a contraction of “you all,” hence the apostrophe goes BEFORE the a, not after it.

    I could go on, but apparently no one of suitable intelligence would respond — the blogger has already pissed himself basically. Hopefully though your elitist and romantic perspective about the South and what that means will soon rot and fester, then die a horrible death and then perhaps you will see the truth growing out of all that bullsh you planted.

  14. ire says:

    Can we just close this abortion of a thread?

  15. nz says:

    As a Texan, I must say it’s annoying when people pepper their stuff with y’all to make themselves look more southern. It’s annoying.

    • Steve Golden says:

      I may be a northerner, but I actually do say y’all. It’s easier than the northern version of “youse guys.”

  16. Clementhyme says:

    Seeing that GA is a cess pool of conservative Republicans that NEVER vote in Democrats says a lot about the “Liberals” of that state. I rather think that the most Liberal Georgia get’s is what is considered mildly conservative in the rest of the country…there are no true liberal progressives in Georgia!

    • GAPolitico says:

      You are wrong here. We may not have a large voice, but there are plenty of us here.

    • Masked Liberal says:

      So… you think Republicans in Georgia don’t vote for Democrats because we’re not liberal enough?

      Wow, just when I thought nobody could possibly say anything more stupid than the other crap that has been said in these comments…

  17. Juliana says:

    Thank you Anon. Well said @4:45

  18. Poor says:

    This post just goes to show why the Democratic Party is NOT the vehicle for change. We voted for “Hope & Change”, we got W2.0. Nothing which we were told would get accomplished, got accomplished. We sit in a stagnant swamp where “universal healthcare” is a euphemism for “Insurance Industry Bailout”. We have a government which is more than willing to spend $16 trillion bailing out Wall St. but not making debt relief part of that program by saying “We’re paying off the bad bets you made, now these people’s mortgages are gone.” We “pulled out” of Iraq, but left 50,000 soldiers there in “non-combat” roles, and then we sent all the ones who did leave Iraq straight to Afghanistan. We’ve cut social spending, and begun new imperialist adventures abroad. Why should anyone vote for the Democrats, or have anything nice to say about them, when in reality all they do is lie to our faces every four years and then stab us in the back during the intervening period. It was the Democratic Mayor of Boston who attacked the Occupy Boston encampment and arrested 50-100 people, beating the shit out of veterans, women, reporters, and legal observers all at the same time. Why should we support these people? They don’t want what we want. Democratic politicians are still politicians, and that means they are independently wealthy, financed by corporations and Wall St., and generally liars. Voter registration means nothing to OWS movements ACROSS THE COUNTRY, precisely because everyone who ever got us to vote was a liar, hypocrite, and thief. The 99% doesn’t include politicians, look at their salaries for holding public office and look at their net worth independently of that. The vast majority of them go on golfing trips with the people we’re angry at and want to pay for their crimes, and if the people who are supposed to represent our interests all come from that threatened class, then nothing will be done unless we do it ourselves. Don’t be surprised by mass abstention in the next election, the people are fed up, and the only way to show it is to abstain from giving legitimacy to the stooges the two-wings of the ruling class put forward.

    • Anon says:

      Mainly because Democrats are on the right page and don’t have total control over American politics. I got upset with some Democrats yesterday for bashing the OA group, but it is no better for the OA group to come bashing the Democrats. You guys agree on the core value of helping the 99%.

      So you know what I think needs to happen. The OA people need to be receptive to Democrats who are wanting to help them – invite progressives that are sticking up for the 99% to come. Invite John Lewis back – He would probably actually spend the night with you in the park.

      And Democrats need to understand that this is an organic movement that doesn’t want to be taken over by politicians the way the tea party was. They aren’t a caucus, they aren’t a union – they are a social awareness movement. They are drawing attention to the very same issues we fight for.

      Invite Lewis back and register your people to vote. Democrats go stay the night down in the park and talk to the protesters. It is a win-win for everyone – we are all fighting to help the 99%.

      2011 – Occupy Atlanta
      2012 – Occupy the Voting Booth

    • Steve Golden says:

      I neither have the time nor the energy to comment on every fallacy you posted above, but let me address just a few.

      If you think the Obama administration is W 2.0, perhaps you would like to actually explore what the administration has done and what it has tried to do, but has been stonewalled by Republicans? If you actually think that Obama and Democrats are “stabbing you in the back,” I suggest a reality check. Who prevented the American Jobs Act (which, I will note, attempts to close some of these corporate loopholes) from passing? Republicans. Who tried to get it going? Democrats. You can lambast the two party system as much as you want, but at least be honest in realizing why progress has not been made. Understand the process, and why everything has happened. And then tell me, how would you do it differently?

      You know how I would do it differently? I’d elect people– and push hard to elect people– that want to work to change the system. Funny thing is– those people tend to be Democrats. But if you find me a third party candidate that will work just as hard, maybe I’ll vote for them.

      Secondly, there is literally one thing in this world that I cannot stand.

      If you complain about the status quo, if you kvetch about elected officials, but you refuse to exercise your Constitutionally-given right to vote, I have no respect for you.

      Even if you disagree with every single candidate on the ballot, you can write yourself in, because Lord knows you agree with yourself. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. You want to change the way politics is run, vote, damnit.

  19. Juliana says:

    Reading it fundamental.

    I said that the anarchists at the One Nation Rally we suspiciously well groomed. Never said a word about Occupy Atlanta other than their implementation left a lot to be desired and they pissed me off to not know even the most basic of civil rights history in Atlanta. Even to the extent of who and what Woodruff Park represents.

    Since then, I’ve gotten accused of a great many things, not the least of which was relevant to the implementation discussion or any attempt to remediate that issue. Now I’m supposed to begin a donation program to their cause of blankets, food, water, generator costs.

    No I won’t.

    Because went the doors of the Task Force for the Homeless were about to be closed last year I gave. I certainly didn’t see any of these folks marching on city hall for them.

    This isn’t my first rodeo, I was at Tompkins Square Park in the 80’s, I’ve been at SOA Watch events for years talking about the effects on globalization, banking conglomerates, and contributed to any number of organizations doing sustained and important work.

    Fine pull my progressive card if you want, but hell if I give a shit what anyone thinks of my non-involvement w/the OWS Atlanta.

    I’d sure like to see what would happen if those of us contributing every day to trying to improve this city/state threw in the towel just because someone got bunchy about what they think we should be doing. I haven’t heard one valid reason I should stop what I am doing to help them other than “everyone is doing it”.

  20. Ed says:

    Tell me what democracy looks like!

    Tell me what hypocrisy looks like!

  21. JMPrince says:

    All well & good Z, ‘nothing happens until something moves’. But there’s really got to be some sense applied here too. Whatever it is that they want/desire or dream of, not much of it can be accomplished w/o votes & voting. That’s the point I was making. I don’t give a damn how they look, dress, or that they’re mainly students in many places. I do care that they’ve sometimes got the attention span of cats, and a sense of history that might shame a 6th grader. SSDD.

    Me, I’ve been writing on these topics for ages. I’m sorry it took a terrifying massive debt overhang, double digit unemployment, and a doubling of tuition every <10years to bring on the street protests. I've been expecting it for quite awhile. But I'd hoped they'd be smarter and have studied and learned from history what works, and what doesn't. I'm delusional and optimistic like that, I'm a Ga. Democrat. JMP

  22. Zaid says:

    All I know is I write for the 2nd-most read progressive blog in the country and we’ve had a traffic explosion since OWS. The entire political discussion has shifted towards examining income inequality and anger at the people who caused this mess — wall street — rather than public workers, welfare moms, etc.

    The occupy folks have problems, but they’ve accomplished an incredible amount in a short amount of time and i’d think criticism towards them should be constructive, not the normal lazy-whiny stuff that the blogosphere usually throws at people actually accomplishing stuff. The DCCC isn’t fundraising off OWS because it’s a loser. All the way up to admin. folks this movement is catching steam and it just seems silly for Georgia liberals to sit back and say “no no no, you don’t understand!” while getting their asses kicked and being left out yet again (you have to have more victories under your belt before telling other people they’re the losers)

    • Trevor Southerland says:

      I think you need to recognize that nobody here is attacking OWS.

      I think you need to recognize that OWS in New York and OWS in Atlanta, GA and OWS in Athens, GA are all different that that people are allowed to have critiques of each of them based on their individual activities.

      The OWS folks in Atlanta got off to a rough PR start due to a lack of organization and planning, but their hearts are in the right place.

      I do however have to say, that when I see and hear some of them bashing Democrats and such, it doesn’t really make me all giddy to go camp out in a park with them.

      When those of us on the center and left spectrum figure out we need to stop fighting each other and start fighting Republicans, it will be a beautiful day.

  23. Drew says:

    This is productive.

    I haven’t attended too closely to #OWS, but the criticism of them – that their teeth are too perfect, that their jeans are too fashionable, that their phones are too new, that they look like hippies, that they’re ignorant of the alphabet soup of left-leaning organizations, that they’re uninterested in those organizations, that their demand for “jobs” and “Wall Street reform” is not sufficiently specific, and now, that they are outsiders – speaks poorly of their critics, not of them.

    Really. Writers on this site have often lamented the people’s apathy in the face of injustice. And how do they respond to people who are no longer apathetic? With mockery. And a pretty blatant case of “Not Invented Here”.

  24. Zaid says:

    There has been an incredible amount of e-whining about OWS and the 99 Percent movement from people who haven’t accomplished much, not too much on the actually accomplishing things side from the whiners though. Gotta say, those doing something and riding a national wave versus folks not doing anything at all…

    • Sarah says:

      “actual political capital” is not our goal, conversation is. An acknowledgement that we are working in a broken system and the respect to listen to the people that the government supposedly represents, that is what we want. At some point things may mesh into something resembling a specific law we would like passed or something that you would consider “political capital” but until then, isn’t it better than doing nothing and pretending everything is fine?

  25. JMPrince says:

    Someone mentioned Civil Rights & lunch counters. Yep, there were protests, plenty of them. Pretty bloody too. Full contact & cordite. Fire hoses & police dogs. Dynamite, death and damnation. But all during that years long drama, There was Voter Registration!

    The fight was all about Political And Social integration and inclusion. It was successful by doing many things at once, not the least of which was registering more folks who were previously barred from voting by Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, and other illegal schemes, some of which are still with us by the way. See here:

    So yeah, camping out under the stars and holding endless meetings over ever so much esoteric minutia, only some of which will involve reinventing the wheel twice before lunch is eternally romantic and attractive. But when you’re actually wanting to Do Something about it all? You might want to call or contact someone with some more information, experience and historical knowledge about how it might be done, and how to be more useful in the scheme of things. Just a thought. JMP

  26. GAPolitico says:

    How is this for organized? I posted a message on the Occupy Athens forum requesting a press release and other communications. I got it – in less than 20 minutes.

  27. GAPolitico says:

    This is how we do it in Athens

  28. Daniel F. says:

    for the record, being condescending establishment democrats makes everyone in the room look like a douche. take note, trev, steve, ed, ‘nameless folk.’

  29. Cranky & Crusty says:

    Anon, are you saying you compare your movement to a one time rally in DC last fall? I was at the One Nation Rally-it was in response to the Glen Beck rally and yes we had more people than he did.

    I don’t see these actions in anyway the same.

    The One Nation rally was organized and paid for by longstanding, some might say mainstream, social justice organizations.

  30. Speech says:

    Anon, when you crawled out of your tent this morning did you pray to your God that your lights would still be on when you came home from work? Or did you pray that you could camp one more night illegally in a park? Did you pray that health insurance company would approve your chemotherapy treatment or did you pray to get arrested so you could make the evening news? Did you pray that your 3rd job wouldn’t cut back your hours or did you pray that you would have enough battery juice to use the internets?

    The question I have and so do others “what is this something that ya’ll are doing”? How are ya’ll changing the nation’s consciousness so the 99% of Americans don’t have to say prayers like above?

    When you and your fellow angry folks stop fronting that you are representing the 99% without building one damn coalition or outreaching to others who have been fighting the same fight then you come back here and complain about my snarkiness.

    Ya’ll don’t represent the 99% – ya’ll represent angry people pissed off at the government and Wall Street. That’s cool, do your thang, but stop saying you represent me and others like me. You don’t.

    Southern states are red because of angry people like you who prefer to camp out in a park instead of voting in their interests. Angry people who are staying away from the voting booth until there is a 3rd party.

    • Anon says:

      You know, that is the exact argument Conservatives used against the Civil Rights Movement.

      “How is sitting in a Restaurant going to get you equality.” “why are you always causing trouble.” “What good is staying in the front of the bus if you are just going to get arrested.”

      The whole point of the sit-ins were to gain attention and sympathy – to generate news. And I think we are doing a pretty good job of that. Type occupy into google and click on news.

      And yeah, we are angry. We are mad that the top 1% of the country hold so much of the wealth. If you aren’t angry about that, then keep making the Conservative arguments. There is nothing worse than a left-of-center person hurling conservative arguments at a fellow liberal

    • Anon says:

      Come down to the park. Come join us. Why do you expect us to join you? We had more people here in the rain then you had at your Hope Rally in the Sun.

      • Trevor Southerland says:

        So you’re down there now, at the park? I could come and join you at the park?

        • Speech says:

          Anon is at the (edited) at (edited). He/she ain’t in the Park…just frontin’ like the rest of his movement.

          • Trevor Southerland says:

            Come on, Speech. You know I already knew that. 🙂

            I just wanted to see how much longer they’d keep the lie going.

            You know, kind of like a member of the actual establishment complaining about “establishment Democrats.”

  31. Anon says:

    Wow, way to be condescending. You guy’s southern model has worked so well… maybe that is why most of the southern states are red. Keep up the good work and mind your manners, then the Republicans might let you retain enough reps/sen. to block a constitutional amendment.

    You establishment Democrats are a sad bunch. You are so comfy in your seats that you are afraid to get your hands dirty with some hard work. Our protests may not be perfect, but at least we are doing something. Either come down and help or go back to being a 33% party. Your Choice.

    • Ed says:

      You’re an idiot.

      • Anon says:

        When logic fails, revert to primal instincts and throw sh*t (talk) at your opponent.

        • Trevor Southerland says:

          Wow… when somebody makes me agree with Ed… that says a lot…

        • Ed says:

          No. It is true. You clearly grasp nothing about the cultural and political seismic shift that went on in Dixie in the last 30 years and you refuse to acknowledge that certain things (i.e. a seachange in political alignment) are unpreventable.

          You’re on your own from now on. Bye.

          • Steve Golden says:

            I’m not responding to Anon anymore. They’re completely blind to realities.

            • Different Anon says:

              You guys are completely blind to realities. We need classwar, not more democrats. The democrats are on the same side as the republicans and the capitalists in oppressing the working class. Have fun sucking your corporate oppressors’ cocks.

  32. Cranky & Crusty says:

    oh and I’d have more interest in a Occupy the Georgia Chamber of Commerce than Woodruff Park.

  33. Cranky & Crusty says:

    I think the Occupy Atlanta folks are really lucky that the Police department has it’s hands full with all the bad PR for the Eagle raid, and thus is unlikely to tangle with them.

    Also, I’m confused by the free healthcare issue, um if they’re sick or get hurt they can go to Grady right? Or is this a case of they just want free healthcare regardless, if so is the mayor really in charge of that? News to me.