Rick Santorum calls it “bullying,” I call it “absolutely hilarious” and “sadly accurate.”  What say you?  (Watch here.)


One Response to SNL: Yet Another GOP Debate

  1. JMPrince says:

    Geez, I thought they were fairly gentle on the freak, (RS) really. It was Bachmann they saved the real venom for. And Newt in both vids is reduced to being the butt of fat jokes. Sad it’s come to that, but I guess they were rushed for time? In the immediate prior debate Huntsman is given one of the oldest yet predictably racist ‘Chinaman’ jokes possible. Positively Vaudevillian too & archived in the National Archives. Me? I think they need more material to work with. If Cain gets some money, he’ll give them that. How about Buddy Roemer the 2nd former Dem retread running? Smarter than most & cleaner too:

    No, that’s NOT an endorsement, just a question about why not allow him to debate if he’s already been a long term representative? Hell, even Jim Hightower seems to like him. JMP