What with all the bickering on the other thread, I figured it was time for a little levity.  From the AJC:

Decatur Police were called to the grounds of the old historic courthouse around noon when a suspicious package was reported on the lawn.

The package was wrapped in duct tape, Deputy Police Chief Keith Lee told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. After the area was cordoned off, Lee said, a MARTA explosives dog was called in, but the canine didn’t detect anything.

The package was then X-rayed, but nothing mechanical was observed, Lee said. The next step was to cut the package open.

Inside, authorities found a cow tongue? Yes, a cow tongue…

“Don’t know who lost their cow tongue, but they caused a little commotion,” Lee said. “All is well,” he added, “except for the poor cow who lost his tongue.”

Best joke wins a low-priced domestic beer, on me, next time I happen to be at Manuel’s at the same time as you.


3 Responses to The Lighter Side: Taking Their Licks

  1. JMPrince says:

    My only other thought was the old ‘How to intimidate witnesses with obscure cuts of lunch meats, Vol. 1’ before investigating further. Evidently there’s plenty of local sources of various ethnic cuisines for the item, further, this is not a unique event. See story below from Denver, 2ya, with the X-Ray pic & mention of anthropology:


    And Strongbow if they have it. Cheers, JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    1.) Wrong dogs, obviously.

    2.) Somehow, somewhere we might suspect, A shanda fur die goyim.

    3.) Looked up the original AJC article for more information. None coming. At the bottom of the story was this blurb of infotainment that I could have lived without.
    “A Match made in heaven? Not quite. Bette Midler dishes on a sexual encounter she once had with Geraldo Rivera”. Ergo # 2 is confirmed no matter what happened.

  3. EGaluszka says:

    Someone’s in for a tongue-lashing.