No, I’m not watching it… but feel free to put any comments here.

I’m watching re-runs of Modern Family, why didn’t anyone tell me this show is genius?

Oh and Herman, I know it’s been a busy week for you and all, what with the slew of former employees speaking about how you are a very very bad man, but I’m SICK TO DEATH of that tie. You wear it everywhere…please go shopping. Sarah Palin can tell you how it’s done with the RNC’s Amex card.

Oh, and something I’ve been meaning to say since yesterday about Herbie’s accusations that the “Democrat Machine Did it”, um dude I’ve been in Democratic politics since the 90’s, I’ve never seen this so called machine. Ever.

If yesterday left you wistful, hopeful and/or excited to take on 2012, here is a primer  for some of  the races in the south.


One Response to The 312th GOP Debate aka Midweek Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    Herman Cain as imagined by Mike Tyson & Funny! Almost worth it for the 5 sec. of Kate Smith too: