Just a reminder that the Georgia DemStore has lots of cool stuff for those favorite Democrats on your shopping list. The store features Georgia Union Printed items and all proceeds go to support the Democratic Party of Georgia.

There are buttons, stickers and posters at prices that are half of other online stores. Go shopping now!

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2 Responses to Gifts for Democrats

  1. JMPrince says:

    Yeah, this needs an open thread to explain, but the Fox 5 story is here:

    The ‘Bomshell’? “Herman Cain loves Herman Cain”. Yep. We knew that. He evidently does not love himself enough to a.) come up with plausible stories, plausible denials or even a decent PR with his lawyer. and b.) to actually study up on the minimal requirements for what anyone might be asking him during debates. The latter had already proved deadly to his endeavors. The former are just the highlight reels. Me? I think he’s basically doing Flip Wilson’s old improv act up there. Dated, but still amusing enough to land him the big time radio/TV gig he’s been wanting.

    Even more amusing is the fact that the news media swings into high action only for the sexual allegations, and of course only when it drops into their laps. The other side bar on their site about other notable ‘exclusive’ Fox 5 investigations have to do with the Bishop EL scandal. For everyday political reporting on simple or slightly hidden corruption? These guys are not only clueless & blind, they’re heedlessly unconcerned. The only true ‘in depth reporting’ we get is with a sex scandal. That’s still miserable and scandalous to realize today. JMP

  2. Juliana says:

    Damn I though this post was about the Herminator and his girlfriend Ginger..

    It’s kind of a gift for us, no?

    Love that this is on Fox5.

    You go Dale Russell.