I admire a good protest, and certainly one where you have to fit in for a while before making your protest, and I’m not sure but I’m guessing they even had to pay for admission.  Yes, my friends, this I can admire.

Plus, they had a good message, an informative message…  and its always fun to see the larger crowd try to shout down the protesters and then fail to do it…  I mean, honestly, there’s no excuse for a larger crowd failing to shout down a smaller group (see, RNC or DNC Conventions, 2008).



4 Responses to This is what a good protest looks like…

  1. JMPrince says:

    Excellent, Jerry Rubin would be proud! And so many of them too, just snuck in there. Who knew well dressed people could/might misbehave and shout slogans and give an extended protest speech? Advantage: Human megaphones. Geez, and the right target too. Get to the people who truly afflict you & oppress the masses, not those just enforcing the law. JMP

  2. Gunner says:

    So awesome. Bear down!