HERMAN CAIN! seems to be circling the drain…

A Chicago woman alleged on Monday that Herman Cain grabbed her in a sexually aggressive way when she sought his help after losing her job at the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s.

Sharon Bialek, accompanied by the celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, became the first woman to publicly accuse the presidential candidate of sexual harassment, saying that she wants to “give a voice” to other women who might have been harassed by Mr. Cain during his tenure at the association.

“I want you, Mr. Cain, to come clean,” Ms. Bialek, who said she was a Republican, told a packed news conference in New York City’s Friar Club. “Just admit what you did. Admit you were inappropriate to people, and then move forward.”

In a statement issued moments after the news conference started, Mr. Cain emphatically denied the accusation.

I for one will miss our most entertaining candidate of the race, should he drop out. I doubt he will though.

Also, I take it I’m supposed to know who Ms. Allred is, because everyone seems to say her involvement means something. Seriously though, who is she?


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  1. JMPrince says:

    One last hit. At his deeply confused and likely ill-advised presser on Tues eve. (here via TPM): http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/updates/1729?ref=fpblg

    Cain says at the 1.00Min mark “I’ve never acted inappropriately with anyone, Period!” So he shows himself to be as facile a liar as any seasoned politico. Far worse is the realization that I could not claim the same likely for any single hour of any given day in the last 25 years. And there’s plenty of witnesses too. And having nothing to do with sexual harassment either! But it’s quite the broad sweeping, deluded, hubristic & narcissistic claim. All Herman though.

  2. JMPrince says:

    Sara captures part of the Allred flavor here. It’s all about monetizing scandal, no matter how petty or inconsequential, and making some serious cash from same. And literally almost no one does it better, especially with her well developed media contacts & credentials. She also first sued the infamous Friars Club starting out for not admitting women. I guess she’s more friendly with them now.

    Be that as it may, let’s try to monetize what this revelation means for Cain.

    He was previously informed of the leak/item 10 days before Politico dropped it & evidently did nothing? Why? Because it’s largely meaningless to GOP voters. He’s rising or holding steady in the polls currently.

    Because it’s only a club used against Dems BY ‘righteous’ Rethugs, sort of just like playing with the deficit. During times the GOP occupies the WH & Congress? Nary a word is mentioned about the need to reduce the deficit, and if so certainly no action taken on it. Once a Dem dares occupy the office? It’s a national calamity, and certainly worthy of our full & complete attention for months on end, and shutting down the Federal government over, each and every time. This last time? Reason enough to try desperately to default on our national debt, sort of like national fiscal suicide, but also taking the rest of the 309 million & the world with you too.

    So let’s make a fearless prediction. It was never about the Presidency. It’s about a campaign to make a radio & (eventually) TV host become wildly more popular and developing a more lucrative name & brand. For Cain? It’s worth at least $50-100K more on his contract with WSB/Cox Enterprises, or whomever picks up the budding franchise. Allred’s involvement alone will boost his cred & audience substantially.

    What’s the real bottom line here? Al Hunt picked it up the other day for Bloomberg, the names Hoover & Eisenhower. What? Those were the last Non politicians to be elected to the presidency from the GOP. They never held any prior elective office.

    Eisenhower of course was used to playing big time politics all during WW11, but remains a forgotten man and a largely neglected ‘moderate’ legacy for the party. Hoover, despite being a very smart man and also a reasonably moderate candidate, remains a curse to this day. The rabid right Hoover Institution notwithstanding.

    For all his attractive radio show rap & bluster, Cain is no Eisenhower and does not even have the track record of Hoover’s accomplishments to campaign from. (For those not wanting to look, these include WW1 relief & the 1927 Flood rescue & relief efforts).

    Cain’s not even on the book tour Newt singed on for. He’s essentially out to become more of a media personality, doing some fine improv work until now. It’s all about brand development & marketing. But not really for operating much of anything. But still fairly successful in it’s own right. Think about it.

  3. Sara says:

    Gloria Allred has made her name by injecting herself into scandals. If someone is the “other woman” in any situation making headlines, chances are decent Gloria represents them. She rarely does much in the way of real trial work anymore, instead preferring to profit off of scandal. She represented Scott Peterson’s purported mistress, several of Tiger Woods’ purported mistresses, and who knows how many others.

    The woman is a damn drama leech.

  4. wini says:

    Hermain Cain makes me sick.

  5. Ed says:

    An official bio isn’t the place I’d go for all the facts on a controversial person but best I can tell is she is a good lawyer. I get why people wouldn’t like her because of that but…meh.

  6. Echo Chamber Responds/Juliana says:

    Here you go Ed, all the pics and facts about Gloria Allred


    I think I first became aware of her during OJ Simpson trial