Georgia Militiamen Arrested in Major Domestic Terror Plot

Four members of an unnamed North Georgia militia planned to attack cities including Atlanta with deadly ricin, bomb federal buildings and murder law enforcement officials and others, according to charges leveled yesterday.

The four elderly men were arrested after a lengthy investigation that began last March, when a confidential informant began secretly recording the group’s conversations. The man described as the group’s leader, 73-year-old Frederick Thomas, was recorded at a meeting that month allegedly saying, “There’s no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly illegal — murder. … When it comes to saving the Constitution, that means some people gotta die.”

I saw this on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Facebook page. Yet, it’s not on any of my other news feeds, I have my theories why.

I could not be more sick of people wrapping their insanity in the “Constitution”.


38 Responses to How is this NOT front page news?

  1. ire says:

    SO serious question…when was the last time any of you picked up an actual newspaper.

    • Anon says:

      I pick up a school newspaper sometimes if it has coupons in it. Newspapers are old and outdated for most things. It is more easy and convinced to look the information up online. Plus, you can get a broader perspective by reading about the story from a few different sources.

    • Peaches says:

      We still get the NYTimes, but I usually only take time to read the Saturday and Sunday editions.

      • Trevor Southerland says:

        I occasionally buy the Cherokee Tribune or the Cartersville Daily Tribune… even though the Marietta Daily Journal is the paper of record for the county I live in, in my area of the county we rarely see them…

        • Ed says:

          You guys are both missing out man, seriously. AJC is doing tons of good shit lately. People hate the Truth-o-meter which is dumb (the only complaints it warrants is its name and the graphics). While I’m still undecided if having a single Dining section is better than one week having a dining in section, and the other a dining out, that’s not to be missed. Damn I miss the States.

  2. Ladida says:

    RedState is curiously silent. They didn’t even bother to post the story, much less admit one of their contributors is accused.

  3. GAPolitico says:

    Another thing that is particularly interesting about this story is that one of them was a writer to Red State, Erick Erickson’s blog

  4. JMPrince says:

    Back to our story:

    Notes: Most former government workers as contractors or employees. Check.
    Several on Disability and/or receiving regular checks from the ebbil Feds. Check.
    Unchecked visceral race based anger/hatred over same Federal Gumminit. Check.

    They’ve got a word for this type of activity in N.Ga. among the teaparty/Militia set. Recreation. Fox says ‘Freedom Fighters’, YMMV.

  5. griftdrift says:

    Fascinating tangent

  6. Confused About Our leader says:

    This was the lead story on Channel 11 news last night.

  7. griftdrift says:

    *golf clap* For GaPolitico

    • ire says:

      I’m not at all kidding… what is GAPolitico?

    • MelGX says:

      He’s very impressed with Alexa, but it’s not without problems. Our Alexa ranking was 314,000 before we switched servers in 2009, then for whatever reason, it reset. There was also two listings for this site on Alexa for a time between 2006-2008. So go on with your bad self GAPolitico. If this matters so much to you, it’s all yours. My what a small Alexa ranking you have.

      • Anon says:

        Oh Mel, don’t hate too much.

        Alexa rankings are done on a three-month rolling average. It doesn’t really matter what it was in 2009, what matters is the past three months. You could be number 1 today and be dead last in three months.

        Don’t be hatin’

        • Peaches says:

          Mel don’t hate.

        • ire says:

          I really don’t care about rankings but it is worth mentioning that anyone with the slightest knowledge of how the web works (and I mean, I just scrape past the bar) knows Alexa is very flawed.


          • Anon says:

            So do you want to explain how it is flawed, or do you want us to assume you are right because you listed a Google search result pages?

          • Anon says:

            Additionally, if you want to look at Complete (which was mentioned in one of your articles), GAP is still ahead

            168,660 (GAP) to 641,818 (BFD)

            • ire says:


              I’m making a trophy for you.

            • Orly? says:

              So basically your contention is that a site is better because it has more hits? It’s more correct? More relevant? Better? More liberal? Has more intelligent commentary?

              I’d love to know why any of this is relevant, other than for the purpose of a massive pissing contest. It’s inane that you think that hits are indicative of literally anything.

              • GAPolitico says:

                I just said mine was the largest if you look at my original comment.

                Now, if you want to start throwing around other adjectives, thats up to everyone else to decide.

                Though, arguably, they have already decided. Say you have two peach stands – A and B. People eat peaches from both, but ultimately people decide they like peaches from stand B better. They continue to come to stand B, word gets around, and stand B grows. Again, arguably, the “market” has decided.

                You could also make the argument that the whole point of this post was “why isn’t this front page news” as an indicator. A blog run by, essentially, two people has a relevant story up a day ahead of another. Timeliness and relevance could be argued.

                On a more relevant note, and to further engage in this pissing contest, I will say this:

                Your peaches are not bigger than mine, nor as numerous as mine, nor as highly ranked as mine!


  8. Anon says:

    GAPolitico put it up at 5:45 yesterday afternoon. AJC had it up at about the same time. It should be front page news.

  9. griftdrift says:

    It was all over the radio this morning. I’m sure it will be in the slower (TV/radio) venues by this evening.