Ya’ll have piss poor targeting! How the heck did I get on your email list? Let’s see – ya’ll are for taking away teachers’ rights to a decent salary…me not so much. Ya’ll are for ending the Labor movement…me not so much.  Governor John Tasich, your targeting sucks…but please keep them around until Nov. 9, 2012.

Received 10:51 pm – Nov. 8, 2011

Though I would have preferred a different outcome tonight, the people of Ohio have spoken and I respect their decision.

I’m grateful to all the volunteers who helped in this effort. You were essential and your work is appreciated. It was also inspiring to meet so many people who share our vision of recreating the jobs-friendly climate Ohio needs.

In just 10 months, we’ve made significant progress towards getting Ohio back on track.  We closed a record $8 billion shortfall while cutting taxes by $300 million, we improved Ohio’s credit outlook, we reformed Medicaid to control costs while improving services to the neediest, and we took job-creation efforts out of the hands of bureaucrats and entrusted them to private-sector experts that are already showing significant results. In fact, in 2011 alone Ohio has fostered more than 190 economic development projects that helped create or save more than 41,000 jobs and $2.4 billion in payroll, while generating $1.9 billion in new capital investments.

I’m proud of our progress, but more work is needed.

Despite tonight’s outcome, it doesn’t change the fact that Ohio’s ability to create a jobs-friendly climate is impacted by local governments’ ability to reduce their costs. Just as Ohio had to get its fiscal house in order—and make tough choices to do it—local governments must as well. Ohio must find innovative ways to help local governments provide good services and good value.  According to the US Census, local government taxes increased 42 percent between 1999 and 2009, almost twice the rate of inflation. That’s an astonishing increase when, during the same period, Ohio lost more jobs than any other state except California and Michigan, population growth was flat, school test scores didn’t improve and personal income suffered.  We can do better and we will.

Ohio’s problems developed over time because too many people cared more about popularity than about making the tough—and sometimes unpopular—choices Ohio needed.  Folks should know by now that that’s not my way.  We won’t get Ohio back on track in a day, but our lives and our work aren’t sprints, they’re marathons, and we strive for bigger rewards than the fleeting praise of the here and now.

We’ll keep moving forward, mindful of the lessons we learn, and we’ll restore the greatness of our state.  I’m grateful for the chance to work with the people of Ohio on this mission.  Together we can do it.



John Kasich
Governor of Ohio

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